casa picasso restaurant

The Rain did not Keep the Crowds Away from Casa Picasso

It was totally worth going out in the rain the rain last night for Casa Picasso Restaurant season re-opening and birthday celebration. Chef ‘s Ben, Chap Ross, Lena Ac and Sheldon Baptist cooked up some tasty food in vast quantities, over 600 appetizer bites in two hours.

I told Leisa it was better than a wet dream having servers walking around the restaurant continuously feeding you sinfully good and artfully made appetizers for two hours. The beef wellington, roasted beets with goat cheese, and pork were the talk of the night and none of the appetizers stayed on the plates long. For dessert, Chef Amy Knox of Wild Mango’s made a spectacular and delicious Picasso inspired cake. Thanks Jackie and Adam and the entire Casa Picasso team for a fun and very delicious evening.

It is worth stopping by to check out Casa Picasso’s tempting new menu, cocktails and martinis. To make a reservation, call call 226-4443 or 671-2326. Casa Picasso offers complimentary pick up and drop off from anywhere south of the bridge in San Pedro Town area.

Don’t forget to like Casa Picasso Belize facebook page to keep updated on their events and tempting food pictures.

I did not get enough food pics as the restaurant was so packed and I was trying not to disrupt the very busy servers too much, I promise I will get back there soon and snap some so you can see all the yummy dishes they make.

casa picasso restaurant
When we arrived the street was full of carts parked outside Casa Picasso
restaurant san pedro belize
Season re-opening and birthday bash
restaurants san pedro
Big turn out at Casa Picasso Restaurant in spite of the rain
restaurant san pedro belize
Delicious Shrimp
san pedro restaurant
Courtyard area outside the restaurant
san pedro bars
Inside bar and lounge area at Casa Picasso
casa picasso restaurant
Cheers to Jackie and Adam and the Casa Picasso Team – wising all of you another great year
san pedro restaurant
It is a good thing there were 3 different party areas with the amount of people that showed up
paradise restaurants
Enjoying the ambiance outside in between the frequent rain showers
restaurants in belize
Great party for season re-opening and birthday celebration at Casa Picasso Restaurant
san pedro restaurant
Amy Knox serving up her spectacular and delicious Picasso inspired cake


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