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Living in Belize

Pedicure Party


Shannon and tacomom had a pedicure party this morning at Cg Esthetic.

It quickly turned into a bit more of a party than we expected. Becky was getting her favorite cut with Carole before going back stateside – Bill Dita and Ed turned up to pick her up before they all went to the airport.

After we were done at Carole’s tq had to stop at tropic cargo where we ran into Kelly and we decided to go to Wild Mangos for lunch – saw up LA on front street and she came too.

Time was passing fast so we got tq back to tacoshack to pack up and headed for the airport. Kerry, klcman, tq, LA and pug all left on the 3pm. We just missed pug but got to share his last rum punch.


Carole and Becky

Dita Bill and Ed

They’re off

Pedicure party



Dick and his parents – John and Janet leaving from back yard

Foot detox for tacomom

Almost done

Pepermint for tq

Barefoot Sandals

Red for tacomom

tq getting massage

Red for tq as well

Ran into Pug on our way to town

Pugs shirt

Bill stopped by as well

Girls at Mangos

Kids on beach by tq

tacoboy and tq

Tropic on a Monday afternoon

Do over pic

Pugs punch

Making rounds

Rum punch time

Group shot

Adios Amigos

Ran into Janet and John out front of perk

Stopped at Sweet Basil with Keli on our way home from drive north

YUM – popcorn chicken and coconut shrimp

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  1. tacogirl April 19, 2010

    So true Erin.

  2. erin April 18, 2010

    Kathy , u look right at home in that salon. 🙂

  3. tacogirl November 27, 2008

    Kristen she was for a few days – already back to Houston. See you soon.

    Thanks Ditch if you want to send any pics along you are welcome to.

    Shannon/tq glad you liked the pedi, was fun taking pics of you and my mom that day.

  4. shannon November 25, 2008

    Love the pedi! Thanks Hon!

    Krisin! I heard you were coming down! We’ll have to connect soon!… No repeats of that one night though! xo

  5. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    I have some pics of Shannons cake and coconuts, if you need them.


  6. Kristin Roberts November 25, 2008

    Awww, Shannon’s down there this week? How long will she be there? We need to recap our nite at Wet Willies last May! I’ll be down there on Saturday!!



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