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Sauce Off

A few pics from this mornings pre-party at Changes in Latitude with Carbunkle Trumpet, shuffles, rld, chunky, ruth teenah, and I. Going to grab some chill time before we head out.

The Sauce off was a big success. I will leave you with Carbunke Trumpet aka John words…

Thanks to everyone who sampled, judged and donated to the first annual People’s Choice BBQ Sauce contest, I think that it is safe to say that a good time was had by all. I am happy to say that we raised a little over 600.00 and I will be making donations to the following charities and organizations this week on behalf of “The ACBM Friends of the Island”;

The Lions Club
Holy Cross Anglican School
The Calendar Girls fund
The Catholic Church in loving memory of Marcia Nunez who lost her life after battling cancer
The Family Fund for Israel Daniels who just passed away

The Trophy will remain on the island either at BC’s, Changes in Latitudes or whoever wants to hang it up. I will send down a marker for the winner and everyone start working on next year; let’s try to double the amount.
John and Shawna Robilio and Maria Lentini

4 thoughts on “Sauce Off

  1. tacogirl says:

    Shuffles made the chicken faces Gail was too funny. If we do not do it in Feb you can always try to get 2 trips in next year as I think John may want to do it again.

    He sure did Rump.

    It was Shannon/tq – so glad you got to come.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sure wish I could be there for this.. Looks and sounds like the chickens and sauces will be out of this world!
    OK why do the chickens have their own little face labels?
    I know it’s alot of work, but we might have to convince everyone to do it again in Feb. 🙂

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