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Winding down

Went to changes in Latitudes for breakfast. Paul went to town and shuffles tacomom and I headed to aquafit. The pool was still cool but we did it anyways – I got to break in my water weights that tq brought down.

Relaxed and watched Oprah with tacomom this afternoon, the show was all about the Blue Zones where people commonly live active lives past the age of 100 years. The four zones were Nicoya Costa Rica – Sardinia Italy – Okinawa Japan – Loma Linda California. It was interesting to see people in these areas, even though they looked old they definitely looked much younger than their actual age. Imagine riding a bicycle to go visit your friends at 95, chopping wood at 102, or reaching the ripe age of 107.

Better run off to dinner.

We decided not to head north to Capricorn and were going to go to Victoria House instead but then we saw Shuffles RDL Vernon and his wife Sally driving and we ended up diverting to Hidden Treasure with them.

A few of us ordered the seafood special – shrimp – lobster – snapper and coconut rice. Shuffles and I also discovered they make great rum punch – they add cantaloupe juice to it.

Paul Vernon and tacomom

M had the right idea in a full body suit to keep warm

Brrr was cold but good

Veiw out our upper foyer window last night

Enjoying Hidden Treasure and great company

3 thoughts on “Winding down

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks KathyA. We had a blast, was perfect timing for her to come for fun in the sun and meet everyone.

    Hi Sally and Vernon was a great dinner and the company even better. Was lucky we saw all of you and got diverted.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Tacogirl and Paul-
    Loved dinner at Hidden Treasure with you – TacoMom is really easy to be around, give her our love.
    We’re back in Jackson, MS today and miss the sun and sand!
    Love, Sally and Vernon

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