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Patrick’s Dream

7:30 am was on the internet long enough to log on the coconut phone and pull up my email before connection disappeared. Thankfully that did not last long it was not in my plan to be playing solitaire with my morning coffee. Amazing how something so small for a few minutes has the potential to throw you off balance ha ha. Chatting Maya now about life lizard holes and Paul’s birthday plans for next week.

Hooray managed to catch my cousin Erin online – she has not had internet access for a long time now but when she want back to her old job part time her boss sweetened the deal with a crackberry so occasionally we get to chat for a few minutes that way. She is also in process of making major changes, her life is getting leveled from ground up right now and not really by choice. Erin just told me her sister is in hospital for stress related illness (she is young too in her 20’s). I can’t help but wonder why we let ourselves get to the point of life not being joyful anymore and making ourselves un-well before we start making changes and doing the right thing. I guess some of us need to be hit on the head and then some to really get it.

Chatting Courtney – we got talking about relationships and I was telling her I spent 7 years in one that was not really destined to go to the next level. Her comment was “betcha wish you could have those years back.” My answer was – shortly after the fact yes, but now I realize it was all part of things. I am here now so what ever happened in the past helped lead me to this point and that makes it all ok. I really feel lucky for all the people I have met since coming here both in person and online. I am very rich in that respect – we all are.

I better get cleaned up Carole supposed to stop bye – her printer is not co-operating and so I need to print something for her. Hope they have paper across the road as we are out – problem solved she just called and will bring paper.

Now Patrick is popping me to tell me my dad was in his dreams – minor delay cleaning up so I can hear what my dad was up to. Pat said in the dream I had hemmed a pair of pants for him and my dad was trying them on. I was telling him not to wear the plaid ones because they are ugly and too wide on the bottom. Was nice to hear that – pretty funny too as sewing is not one of my stronger skills – I am not opposed to wide bottomed pants either depending on the style, though plaid would not be my first pick. I am glad Patrick knew my dad well enough to dream about him and shared it with me.

Spent rest of my morning relaxing so I did not stress my body or over tire myself – wrote paul a note in our shared book to remind him we are where we are supposed to be and we can get through any struggles we are faced with. Time to eat some lunch before walking to Stacy’s. Starting to feel some butterflies about this afternoon – I know it will be good but can’t help feeling a bit anxious for what is to come.

Seeing myself in a new light – picture idea borrowed from Cindy

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