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Working hard

I noticed something interesting today – my energy level and body felt the strongest in the beginning while I was at the park taking pictures.

It was kind of fitting watching the road work and the guys putting in posts for the bleachers. They were digging, pushing hard on the posts to sink them and checking to make sure they were level.

I have been feeling like I need to do some of my own digging and leveling for a while now. Waiting for my right lung to heal has slowed me down and been a catalyst at the same time. I was not quite sure where to start so I made arrangements to get help from Stacy to do some work and restructure from the inside out.

I am walking into this with no expectations in regards to how it will unfold other than a change for the better. I know I need to make some changes in order to progress and allow myself to get to where I already am if that makes any sense. I also know there are a few re-runs that I am ready to let go of in exchange for some new programs.

Paul is cooking sausages and rice – I am blogging and chatting Patrick on coconut phone – feeling tired and in need of a rest – time to eat.


Leveling posts

Sinking it deeper


Looking good

Another one almost done

Push pull

Checking higher up the pole

Snack time

Boys playing

Road work

Sharing Shoes to kick the ball

Going home

Road crew

2 boys 1 pair of shoes

There is a lot to learn from kids

Road work

3 thoughts on “Working hard

  1. Anonymous says:

    Priceless.. love the boys sharing the shoes (& socks) to play soccer.
    PS good luck on the digging and leveling body reorg

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