San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Saturated in San Pedro

If you have any doubt within you let it go.
You can be do and have what ever you want -stop waiting for it to come. It’s already here just go get it.

After last yesterday afternoon’s work with Stacy, Jim drove me home. I came in the door and for some reason got to doing really mundane things like sweeping and accidentally breaking a light bulb then trying to fix my clock radio cd player to no avail – came to the conclusion that the cd player part is burnt toast.

It was as if at that moment in time I needed to temporarily let go of all that had transpired so that I could allow it to process and puttering was the answer. I ended up having to settle for the sound machine (ocean and birds) I could not find anything decent on the radio. After I lay down Paul came in and sat with me to ask how everything went. We talked for a while then he knew I needed to rest and have a deep sleep.

I am feeling very saturated right now – still processing what has gone on over the last 24 hours. Talked to Stacy this morning – we both agreed we would hook up later.

Chatting Courtney now so I will start my journey south by going to her house then we will likely find Stacy sooner than later.

Stacy helped me better understand how to work on my lung. I can see how was going on in my life when it happened and what is going on now have a direct correlation in the fix. She pointed out that really the solution was always there and I knew it – I just did not choose that option and I sure got my lumps for that decision big time

Note to self – Always make sure to take time out to feel yourself in a good place.
This is what will fully take the pain away and restore me to my natural balance.

Ended up spending the afternoon at Courtney’s – lounging on her big bed. Stacy came by then John and Tracy (sp?) were soon to follow. We hung out and chatted for a while – Everyone else left and Courtney and I got ready to go meet Paul at Pedro’s and enjoy some bowling. We were glad we got to see Beth for a bit.

We did not stay late – Paul and I walked Courtney home had a short rest break at her place then cabbed it home. I was excited to get back to the tacoshack check out the package Paul had picked up earlier from the post.

The magazines from Carbunketrumpet had arrived and I could not wait to see what was sent. There was also a mysterious envelope which turned out to be from the travel family – you will learn more about what was inside soon enough – I will say though it had Paul and I laughing like crazy when I opened it and we saw what was inside.

I was in bed and ready to fall asleep by 9:30

Stacy Courtney and I – posing with Courtney’s sign – Perez Hilton you have fans in San Pedro – come visit any time

Snack time

Off to the store

Miss Courtney

Miss Stacy and Miss Courtney

Garden path

Secret garden

Wii and Pizza time

2 thoughts on “Saturated in San Pedro

  1. stacy says:

    I think the “Get Well Motel” is just the name it should be…
    Getting on to one’s WELL BEING, that has always been present and belongs to everyone. Within our journey we sometimes resist what we really want, even when we ask for it 🙂 :), even our WELL BEING..
    How fabulous to have a space to just BE, recharge, realign and find your passion again.
    Allowing our own passions and desires to manifest is the way to JOY JOY and more JOY…
    and the grilled ham and cheese sandwiches don’t hurt one bit…
    Thank you for bringing your amazing energy…
    The door is always open…
    appreciation and love

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