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Out of the loop

I got taken down late Sunday night by a bug or something I ate not sure which as no one else got sick. Thanks to Joanne – little Erin and Cindy for the stomach settling stuff they gave me and to Paul for putting up with my bellyaching – literally. The only thing I have been able to eat since Sunday evening is freezie pops. Starting to feel slightly more normal.

Joanne and Erin just got all their bags and headed to drop them off at the airport before running last minute errands around town. They will fly to Belize City Early so they can meet Tina for lunch. Little Erin says after 2 months here she is ready to go back home and see her friends again and enjoy some winter. Joanne of course does not want to leave and will be the one with the tears as the plane takes off – she is already planning to make it back here in April.

Caye Caulker

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