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Living in Belize

Sat Night


Went to Lola’s Pub last night to see Cori and have sliders with a side of  fresh cut fries – yum. The potato skins that Cindy and Clement ordered looked good too. Afterward we went down to the skydiver jump video party at Playa Lounge met up with  Jack – Bill – Becky – twocandream – azbob and Don. It was fun hanging out with everyone and watching all the jump footage on the wall.

So far looks like it will be a quiet day. Jo and Little Erin went to the mainland to go cave tubing.

Possible I will write more later – trying to shake off a headache.

Sliders and fries

Sliders and fresh cut fries

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  1. tacogirl March 2, 2010

    Hi John – north end of the island os good as long as you do not mind water taxi to town for transportation. Let me think about it and get back to you.

  2. John Herzer March 1, 2010

    Hey Tacogirl- we are interested in bringing a group down from the American West next year over the holidays (10+days)… we are a group with varying interests and ages – kids from 6 – high school and parents in their 40’s (yep that is me). We are fit, athletic kinda folks and don’t like foofoo places to stay (no spas please, clean and rustic is good!). We will have at least 10 and maybe 16 interested. Desires include walking distance to fly fishing flats (passionate anglers), lots of sand, snorkling, hikes, & great local food (but we can feed ourselves), Any ideas where we could stay? – we hear the north end of the island is perfect for us? We’ve been to Xcalak Mex before and loved it but think we can do better. Thanks – John

  3. tacogirl February 28, 2010

    problemchild718 check this tacogirl Top Ten food list submitted by Carbunkle Trumpet.

  4. problemchild718 February 28, 2010

    How bout a list of other ‘dont miss” resturants on the island? I’m adding Lola’s to my list for the next trip!

  5. tacogirl February 28, 2010

    Good to know 2miles will keep that in mind. Burgers definitely on my crave-able foods list. Paul said he wants to try the fish and chips too.

  6. 2miles February 28, 2010

    Laurie, Try Lola’s Shepards Pie… Yummmmmmy !!


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