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Off we go

Just finished hanging my laundry and we are heading south. Have to stop and see Pedro for a min then we will likely catch up with the brat pack afterwards.

Ended up texting Cindy along the way about dinner plans – they met us at Pedro’s and we walked to Blue Moon – had a lovely dinner with her and Mark. Afterwards we hitched a ride to the Casino to play and watch Cuban Dancing. Saw lots of people we know – rest of the gang met up with us there.

Hitching a ride

6 people on a golf cart

Last ones on had to get off and push for a minute

Shake it

Cuban Dancers

Enjoying the show

Cuban Dancers

Paul joins floor show

How low can you go

Hamming it up

Out of the Blue


Brat pack


  1. Cindy the Conquerer

    Who are you calling the brat pack? We’re the new generation…… 🙂

  2. ha ha

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