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Paella cook off

Had a great afternoon, running a few errands turned into getting sidetracked out with Stacy and Courtney for a good bit of time. Also saw Ken and Martha at the Belikin depot which was nice will head to Paella night soon.

Just ordered a pizza while we wait for Paella – Pedro’s is jumpin tonight – so many people we like turned up tonight – no shortage of conversation. DB & Ryan arrived today and came out to say hello – got to see Forrest he is back now too and Tinkerbell and her gang turned up.

Judy won the cook off. Congratulations goes out to Pam and Judy for making some delicious food and thanks to Pedro for hosting the event.

Still here it is only 9:40 and it feels like after midnight – I got a major ab work out from laughing so hard with Maya and Courtney was taking silly photos of them pulling faces – Carole and Dick just turned up.

Pam’s Paella cooking

Cindy had to stand tall to get orders

Pedro explaining the voting

2 bartenders were non stop busy

Pam’s paella

Judy’s paella

Walter serving it up

Full house

Courtney and Walter

Courtney and I taken by Forrest

Sharon Forrest and Paul


  1. no idea what you were talking about, but looked good, so I had to find more info:


  2. Soooo….. who won?

  3. paella is yum charlie

    judy won michele

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