Living the Dream

by tacogirl
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Yesterday Paul and I noticed my rod was acting squeaky and not turning so smooth. I figured I better do something before we go out again today so I put a few drops of coconut oil inside the turning handle. I hope that does the trick – way too early to be dismantling it all.

That is my quick fix for some things – ever since I heard that coconut oil helps against rust and the coconut press machines do not rust where the oil gets on them I figured I would test that theory. In the past, it has helped me stop my bike chain from making a crunchy noise and given me a smoother ride.

No-one appears to be awake on the coconut phone this morning. I am feeling a bit tired I was dreaming a lot last night and sometimes that has an effect.

Off to meet Capt Jeff and Maya meet at Estelle’s for 6 am.

Fishing was great we caught about 50 fish today. At breakfast I learned from Maya how to take apart my reel so I can clean and oil it. Capt Jeff noticed I am getting the hang of what he has been teaching me. I saw a difference today compared to yesterday. I also learned to tell if it is a big fish on the line or just a smaller one nibbling. Watching Jeff is really cool he can usually tell what kind of fish is on his line. Today we caught mostly mutton snapper – yesterday was yellow tail.


Capt Abel

Nice fish

I caught one

Water was lovely

More fish

Living the Dream

Capt Jeff and Capt Abel

Fresh fish

Almost done

Capt Jeff – Maya

Maya and the blue sea

Capt Jeff driving

San Pedro

Well done

Cleaning time


Coco came to see us again

Birds were hungry


Got some


Heading for home

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tacogirl May 31, 2008 - 3:34 am

Will do travelqueen – always a kickass day with Capt Jeff.

travelqueen January 17, 2008 - 8:51 pm

Kool! Looks like a kickass day! Hug Capt. Jeff tight for me, will ya? Thx!


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