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New View

Boy am I glad I did not continue on to town with everyone else last night. It allowed for me to have a super productive morning which is really important since we are moving again – not far though just upstairs to Cindy’s old apt. She and Jeff got into a nice place right around the corner and it came down to a snap decision for us –  moving to  higher ground.  I forgot to mention there were tiny fish swimming at the end of our road the other day when the tide was high.

I am glad to have progressed to second floor apt. Now I can sit at my desk and stare at the canal – we get much better lagoon view for boat watching. We also get 2 extra windows which means I get my sunrise back. YAY.

I have kind of fizzled out on stairs & moving  so I decided it was time for a coffee break and see what it feels like sitting in our new apartment.

I have to say I am loving our view.



  1. Hey, you stole my apartment – squatters! lol, I hope you enjoy the breeze and the view – the pets miss you already 🙁

  2. We are both loving the view and it was so breezy tonight I had to use my airline blanket. We miss you and the pets living so close.

  3. Hi Cindy,

    Hope you enjoy your new place and take a dip for Grant and me!!


  4. I am sure she will once she gets all settled in Francis.

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