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Full Moon over San Pedro

We watched the moon come up tonight – it caught my eye through the screen door. Picture big round  globe slowly made it’s way higher and higher lighting up the night sky – the fish will be feeding well tonight.

We pretty much finished our move today just a few minor things left and tomorrow we will go back downstairs and clean the apartment to help get it ready for who ever moves in next. Cindy and I were joking around earlier on the coconut phone about whose place looked like a bigger explosion had gone off. From the sounds of it she may be in the lead. I tried to contain our stuff explosion and get as much put in place as possible – there is only one room to sort out tomorrow.

Full moon over San Pedro


  1. I love the rain too Dorry great for sleeping/napping.

  2. gorgeous photo! a couple hours before the rain came…it always helps me sleep well 🙂

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