West side Ambergris Caye

Directions? Look for the Sails

Being long overdue for a picnic, my friend Cindy decided to plan one. It was not just any old picnic, she planned a Pirate Flotilla. Six Hobie Cats and a one-speed boat transported many people, three king-size coolers and all sorts of other bits.

Being a smart organizer, Cindy had the Hobie’s leaving at 9:00 am. Not long after the first boatload of people and food left. The rest of us caught the 10:00 am ride with our friend Jorge.

As you can see by my featured image above, the directions to get to our secluded picnic site on the west side of Ambergris Caye were easy. Head north past Cayo Espanto private island resort and look to the right for the sails.

We had a great stretch of beach all to ourselves.

The party was full of carnivorous Homer Simpson’s and Cindy started cooking soon after we arrived. There was enough food to feed a small army.

West side Ambergris Caye

Mmm pork chops and corn on the cob – a perfect starter. I did not even bother to use a plate.

Belizean food

It was a perfect day, a balmy 74°F or 23°C. A bit too cold to play in the water although I did go up to my knees a few times. We just hung out on the beach and socialized.

West side Ambergris Caye

As for the fabulous food, more kept coming, Thipaya joined Cindy on the grill. Pulled pork and chicken drumsticks came next.

West side Ambergris Caye

Tinker (Cindy and Andy’s daughter) also has the foodservice industry in her genes, not only was she helping in the kitchen, but she was also the self-designated bottle opener girl.

At one point during the party, we had a chat and I told her how lucky she was compared to most kids her age for all the cool things she gets to do living on an island – she agreed.

Belizean picnic

Now that’s a barbecue with a view. Of course, we made sure that everything was properly extinguished when the cooking was done. Cindy also triple checked that no garbage was left behind.

West side Ambergris

After Tink was finished cooking, she decided it was time to play with my toys so I pulled out my favorite kite – the stealth bomber. Lewis joined her but was more interested in being a spectator than actually flying it himself.

West side Ambergris Caye

It took a bit of work and three of us to get it going but we managed and got it high above the trees. When it was time to reel it in, I accidentally pulled a “Charlie Brown” and it took a nose dive into the left side bushes. Thankfully Vic was willing to put on shoes and brave the bushes to rescue my kite.

West side Ambergris Caye

While the kite sailed the adults continued to eat, drink and enjoy our peaceful, private stretch of paradise.

Cherie (Cindy’s mum) wanted a good pirate shot of her and grandaughter Tinker (real name Océane) to send back to her friends in wet cold England.

West side Ambergris Caye

Once again, the Hobie Cats left first. This way the rest of us could check up on them on our way home to make sure everyone was doing ok.

West side Ambergris Caye

Not long after the rest of us loaded on Jorge’s boat and headed for home.

West side Ambergris Caye

Back to the start, the Belize Sailing Center at Banyan Bay.

Sailing in Belize

Even though we left a while later, we beat the sailors. This meant that we got time at the Pier 366 Bar and Lounge area while we waited to make sure everyone got back safe and sound.

Beach Bar Belize

This is a great place to go if you want a relaxed outdoor experience. It was perfect for us as we could relax and watch the last of the sailors come in.

Beach in Belize

While the others were lounging, Tinker and I decided to play some frisbee. Noting that her aim was off, she decided since she could not throw to me I should go stand where she was throwing. Then wanting to improve her aim, she got smart and made a “plan.” This meant drawing a squiggly line in the sand between us to help her aim. It worked some of the time – smart kid 😀

Belize Sailing Center

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