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Living in Belize

All pimped out


The interesting thing is how one guy, through living out his own fantasies, is living out the fantasies of so many other people.
Hugh Hefner

One of the things I’ve tried to do with my life is redefine the boundaries that I think are very limiting. I’m not suggesting that everybody should have three girlfriends, or necessarily have girlfriends living with them. I think there are many, many options to living your life. Hugh Hefner

We made it to Pedro’s just in time before the rain hit. Of all nights to pour down but that did not stop people from coming out and having a good time.  Hef would have been pleased – people were definitely redefining their boundaries – letting their inner pimpNho’s out and sharing a glimpse of fantasies at the 2and annual pimpNho party.

I was watching the Girls Next Door and seeing Hef’s new girlfriends. They threw a 70’s roller skate party – I was going to be roller girl for pimpNho but roller skates are sitting in Canada in my cousin’s Garage. Plan B it is – pimped out tourist. A plus of Halloween on Ambergris Caye is that it is never to cold to wear  less ha ha.

5 Tips to be Bikini Ready in 90 days – from Jet Set Life a new site I found from twitter.

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  1. tacogirl November 2, 2009

    There was a pic of it Marie and now that I am looking I do not see it. Got it fixed.

  2. Marie November 2, 2009

    Please tell me you have the back view of Robbie’s costume – that was the best part!!!!


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