New Twists on the Belize Covid Coaster

As of Sunday, Sept 19th, 2021 there will be some new twists and turns on the Belize Covid Coaster. The country is taking a step back and increasing restrictions for some areas. Once again, contact sports are off the table and all casinos and churches must close. September 26th, and October 3rd, are being designated as no movement days with the exception of medical emergencies or purchasing medication, groceries, and fuel.

The night before last, our Prime Minister, John Briceno, gave a short speech stating the above information and urging people to get vaccinated. He also requested that people stay home and if you have to go out, watch your distance.

Currently, the positivity rate for Covid in Belize is 16.4%, and we are experiencing a high daily increase. On Sept 14th, we had 200 new infected persons and 1468 cases countrywide. There were 9 more deaths over last weekend. As of Sept 16, testing showed 191 more positive cases with 32 of those hospitalized, 6 persons in the intensive care unit, and sadly, 4 new deaths. A total of 287 new samples are under investigation. Thankfully there were 147 new recoveries. Needless to say, our small healthcare system is overwhelmed and exhausted. Our recent spike also jumped us up to the top level on the CDC Covid-19 Belize Travel Information Page.

As a result, the Government has decided to limit evening movement in some areas, hoping this will reduce the spread. For San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Placencia, and Hopkins, the curfew will stay as-is from 9:00 pm – 4:00 am. For all other areas of Belize, the curfew will be 7:00 pm – 4:00 am and restaurants are operational for takeout only.

For those interested in a taste of our live Covid news, see the short September 15th YouTube video of the National Address by Prime Minister John Briceno on the upcoming new Covid 19 regulations for Belize.

There is also talk of making all public places require proof of vaccine to enter for October. Although other than the original social media comment uproar, I have not seen much further on the idea. Here is a good article in the San Pedro Sun – “Minister of Health and Wellness says GOB will implement mandatory vaccination card or negative COVID-19 test before accessing public buildings.” I hope they get us smaller-sized cards or allow phone picture proof – I already keep a pic with both my vaccine card and Belizean driver’s license together on my phone.

To help inspire you to holiday, here are a few pics from a recent beach walk to town.

We still have public mask laws except when on a cart, or seated at restaurants.

Weather-wise it has been up and down. By that, I mean Sunday was extremely windy, so much so that afternoon roof time had to be on the west side of the pool versus in the loungers area on the east side facing the sea. The left side picture below, is from my afternoon walk to town before trivia night. It was breezeless and hotter than a $2 pistol. Today is a calm and balmy 84 °F or 29 °C. See more weather info and find out what the Belize Sailing Center’s favorite weather app is and why. Yesterday the sailing club moved its location back to Caribbean Villas Resort – a great spot. Stop by Sundays and watch the sailing races from Amber, the hotel’s beach bar and grill while you enjoy a cold beverage.

September is a good time for cleaning as you may have read in my 27/9 challenge and giant avocados writeup. I snapped the pic below of the Phoenix Resort near the edge of town. They are doing their annual off-season maintenance, and the boys were out with the powerwasher making the building clean and fresh.

luxury resort san pedro

As I headed down Front Street in town, I caught sight of a Belize Food Tour in action. I could not tell what they were eating, but I enjoy the fresh local juices at that place in town (across from Fido’s) and their dukunu, which is a local snack. It’s a mash of ground-roasted corn kernels and coconut milk packed and steamed in corn husks. There is a version with chicken but I have not tried it.

walk up shop downtown san pedro

Further down Front Street, this big Belize flag was a reminder – it’s ‘party month’. Although we will not be doing a big celebration of Belize’s 40th year of Independence, people islandwide are still showing their spirit.

belize independence day 2021

Moving around San Pedro Town, a couple of pictures of the new development on Back street – it’s coming along nicely. Unfortunately, the last few times I have passed by, there was no one around to ask for details. I did manage to find out it is the same owner as Caye Supplies and it will likely be a bar and grill.

25 thoughts on “New Twists on the Belize Covid Coaster

  1. tacogirl says:

    I agree Kyle, hot mess regarding clarity for covid information. From what I understand Travellers are able to cross land borders for vacation and they be tested at the border at their own expense regardless of having a vaccination. They must be staying at a Gold Standard hotel for a minimum of 3 days.

  2. Kyle Marshall says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We will be in San Perdo the second week of October. We are currently living in Playa del Carmen and will be taking the ADO bus into Belize City. What do you hear about land border crossings and closures? Public web sites are a hot mess on this topic


  3. Chuck Veppert says:

    Your blogs and photos keep me thinking about when we can get back to AC. Praying for Covid to end so I can make reservations….

  4. tacogirl says:

    Thanks, Angela, much appreciated. Glad you and Jerome are staying safe during covid. Hopefully will get to chat with the two of you in person one day soon when Covid lessens and things get back to normal.

  5. tacogirl says:

    Anytime Jane. Congrats on your next trip, the country is grateful for groups like you who see the benefits not the inconveniences of restrictions due to Covid and circumstances beyond our control.

  6. Andrew ARRIGALI says:

    I came upon your writings & photos here. I just left my computer in search of a house to buy or rent in or around San. Pedro
    I am interested in retirement in Belize. Have been for many years now but a sailing adventure would come my way & Belize was put on hold. Now my property here is being sold & I am free to move forward.

  7. Jane Riley says:

    Thank you Laurie! We’re still coming next month with a bunch of family and friends, we are all fully vaxxed and quite accustomed to masking. We don’t forsee any issues and certainly do not think our vacation ruined by minor inconveniences that are designed to protect our Belizean friends. Plus side of the 9:00 curfew will be more of us enjoying the incredible sunrises over the reef!! Peace ?

  8. Shelley Arnest says:

    I use to live and worked in Belize City. Loved traveling the country with my then husband. He was a dive master there. Beauty all around. Thinking of returning

  9. Elaine Kavanagh says:

    Have been traveling to Ambergris for 13 years. Missed last year and checking on the Covid Crisis on Ambergris. Thinking of coming in January.
    Elaine And Tom

  10. Angela Orofino says:

    Hi Laurie. Great Article! Your such an inspiration and Awesome human being. Thanks for all the updates and keep enjoying Belize as it is such a beautiful country. Jerome and I miss it very much but air travel, layovers and restrictive border crossings has kept us from coming back since covid. We hope to be back someday. We are just staying put and trying to be safe through all this chaos. At least your locked down in a Beautiful place.

  11. Chellie Jones says:

    Enjoy your pics and info about San Pedro
    My husband and I love diving, snorkeling and spending time in San Pedro

  12. Judy Jones says:

    So sorry to read that you are having more Covid surges! Everywhere that tourists congregate it is an issue! We will have to wait until things are better before visiting your wonderful country again?

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