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A Great Belize Holiday Tech Tip & Independence Celebrations

Although we do not like to think about it, sh!t happens, and sometimes at inopportune moments, like on your Belize holiday. I periodically see Facebook posts detailing lost bags and phones bouncing from carts.

Heaven forbid your phone bounces out of your cart, however, if it does, using this tip will give you a better chance of getting it returned.

Taco Tip # 30 – Travel tech smart: As a preventative measure, change your lock screen to show a simple message of how to get your phone back to you. That way, whoever finds it will easily know to contact your hotel or whatever option you chose.

To add text to lock screen on Android phones: settings > lock screen & security > screen lock > add text on lock screen > enter the contact message you want > save.

Adding text to your iPhone lock screen is a slightly different process. Choose the picture you want to use from your phone gallery > add text in markup (already on your phone) > go to settings > wallpaper > choose new wallpaper > find your text pic > select and add to the lock screen. Note depending on the picture you choose, you may have to resize the dimensions to match your phone model. Also, consider the text size you use as to how it is placed on the picture so all of it shows. If you are using a larger font, think horizontal for conveying your message. Also, choose a minimalistic background so your message is easily readable. My Canadian friend Patrick tested the process on his iPhone for me. He opted for a blank canvas by taking a pic of a white ceiling and adding text to it.

If you feel challenged by the thought of either process, find a teenager for help 😀 This is also a great idea to use beyond your Belize holiday. Patrick instantly loved it, and decided he was going to keep it on his phone. You can also find more great info on how to find your phone should it go missing on Ambergris Caye.

You can also travel cart smart while getting around Ambergis Caye. Pack a couple of bungee cords to secure your belongings – very handy for luggage, groceries, and backpacks on your trips to Secret Beach. While it is not very noticeable in the pic below, the yellow circle indicates a bungee used to secure the 5-gallon water jug to the chair in the back of that Club Car carryall cart.

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Belize Independence 2021

This week was a big milestone for our country, as it turned 40. Ordinarily, throngs of people would be out, and San Pedro would be an explosion of decorated golf carts and people celebrating with a big parade through town. Unfortunately for the last two years, this has not been the case.

This year in spite of independence day being low-key, I still ended up with a couple of fun “celebration” options. First off, I was invited to a very quiet yard BBQ near my house for Reef Adventures dive shop staff, and two of their favorite travellers. I was very appreciative to be invited thanks to Michael and Deb, long-time divers at Reef, and good friends of the owner Ched and his wife Elvia. Secondly, we had plans for trivia night.

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Elvia cooked up a delicious chicken and ribs Independence day BBQ along with apple slaw, rice and beans, and homemade tortillas.

belize barbeque

While waiting to eat, we chatted and enjoyed the waterfront yard view. This included making a spur-of-the-moment plan for me to join them (Ched, Michael, and Deb) on their morning dive trip. When Ched learned I did not dive, he switched their planned location north at Buena Vista to the afternoon, and scheduled us for an 8:00 am Hol Chan adventure. What a great unexpected independence day gift!

boca del rio backyard

On our way to beach bar trivia, it was very quiet on our drive through town, considering it was Belize’s 40th Birthday. Normally there would be parade glitter everywhere and decorated people and golf carts driving around after the big afternoon party in Central Park.

quiet belize holiday

We arrived with a few minutes to spare so I snapped a shot of Amber Bar and Grill from the beach – quiz mistress Cindy and my teammate Vic (in white shorts) chatting before trivia. The two of us won and we donated our $60 winnings to Hope Haven.

I was certain Cindy would have a Belize round to celebrate its birthday, and this was one of her questions.

Q: What does Belikin mean? No googling haha.

beach side holiday fun
A: Land facing east, in our case the sea.

One last holiday tip: when booking some tours like Hol Chan, look for companies who do small groups, as it gives you a unique experience. Our combo dive and snorkel trip with Reef adventures, in addition to being a small group, it was well-timed. We got to Hol Chan and were the only ones there. Ched took Michael and Deb diving and I had a great time with my own personal guide Wilkie Garbutt. By the time the four of us were done, the other boats were just starting to arrive. We moved on to enjoy a fun Shark Ray Alley experience all to ourselves. Stay tuned for more on that in an upcoming post along with underwater pics and video.

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