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New tacogirl Special – Belize Flight Deals

Inspired by Belize Picture Of The Day who is running a series of old Ambergris Caye photographs – I set to to work today with a walk down memory lane on the long standing task of checking back through old posts. The first one had tacoboy and I laughing as we remembered this particular shopping experience when his sister was coming to visit and we needed to find something to fit on top of our cot to make it more comfortable. We were still relatively new to Island Life and Belize at the time.

Big Erin and Liam moved back into the taco shack this morning. We will miss visiting them at 3C at Exotic Caye Resort but are quite content to have cousins all to ourselves for the rest of their time here.

Save Money on Belize Destinations

For anyone who wants to save money on the Ambergris Caye Belize vacation, I am pleased to announce Tropic Air has joined tacogirl Specials. Now you can increase your Belikin or panty rippa fund by getting a 10%  Tropic Air Discount off the regular rate of any Tropic Air Flight from Belize International Airport or Belize Municipal Airport to San Pedro (or vice versa). So for your Belize flight deals, simply click on the Tropic Air discount button on the right side of this page.

Tropic Air is the largest and most experienced airline in Belize and offers over 180 daily scheduled flights throughout Belize, Guatemala and Mexico (updated November 2015).

Tropic Air Ambergris Caye Belize

The kids are having a ball in the pool – we keep reminding them to use inside voices.

playing in the pool


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