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BDARRT facts and information

Hot off the press – it has just been decided that Savor San Pedro Food Festival 2010 block party will be Saturday February 13th. Jo and Erin took the kids on a day trip snorkeling and maybe Caye Caulker – I wanted to go but work and laundry were calling so I decided to sit this one out.

While at Banana Bank Workshop I had the opportunity to meet Hilario Ical who is the Logistics Officer for BDARRT – Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team. We had a lovely conversation while Kenny was taking us back to Belmopan and I told Hilario that tacogirl and Ambergris Daily would be glad to post information about the organization and hopefully generate more interest in that direction.

BDARRT’s facts and information

Marcos Cucul -  Lead Rescue Tech. and InstructorThe Rescue Team is a group of men and women who fight for the lives of others during dangerous and critical situations. These men and women are well prepared with trainings and other unique techniques such as Emergency Medical Techniques, Swift in Water Rescue III, Dive Rescue Techniques, Cave & Confined Space III and High Angle Rescue to overcome any type of danger and to save lives. The effort from this group has been grateful over the past ten years of operation. It is our objective to continue saving more Lives and encouraging young people to join this force; since they are a great, valuable and meaningful example to their children and country, it is an honor to pledge our selves even though our life seems in danger when rescuing others.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide timely and efficient rescue responding services to those affected by disasters, adventurous mishaps and other cases requiring specialized and trained individuals to assist in recovery and extraction to those in need. BDARRT is non-governmental, volunteer organization that strives in improving the skills of its members in areas of swift water rescuing, cave rescue and extraction, and deep water rescues. Training is continuous and very rigorous for all involved both male and female members.

BDARRT’s Vision:

To become Belize’s number one provider in rescue services for swift water, cave and deep sea disasters as well as natural disasters both locally and abroad. We are highly motivated individuals who continuously train hard to ensure that we are prepared for whatever and whenever and all the time. We look forward in serving all those in need and we always aim to please.

Motto: Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team….going there for you when you need us most.

BDARRT, in Belmopan, presently have 40 active members and is continuing to grow. With our numbers growing, which BDARRT Squad is an advantage, since there is a larger community to look after but on the other hand we are realizing a reduction of resource or equipments within our team. With the present resources we have, we use them to conduct rescue missions, to conduct free training to students and members of the community, and to train members of the National Emergency Management Organization. Our team has been providing our free services for over ten years.

When conducting training or any rescue mission on a larger scale, we then rely on the community’s support in by renting their equipments: boats, and rescue gears.

We believe that having an emergency rescue service in place like BDARRT is invaluable to the general public. BDARRT ensures that our services are not only offered to the resident of Belize that is caught in mishaps but for the comfort of the visiting tourists as well.

Cave Evac Drill St. Hermans CaveWith our experienced and qualified rescue technicians we are proud to lend our services where ever and whenever we are in most need. By having our own means of transportation, rescue boat, and rescue gears and with our already trained personnel we can better render prompt services when ever we are called fort. Hence proper and sufficient equipments are needed and we will continue our best in our training and to raise funds to support our team for the betterment of the community and for their safeguard.

Below is a list of equipments urgently needed by BDARRT to conduct more trainings that is much needed just in time for another hurricane season that commence in June to November and not only that but also for any emergency cases that may present itself anytime.

Any form of help in any amount will be highly appreciated and beneficial to the residents of Belize and for the safety of Hilario Ical, Logistics Personel, BDARRTher visitors. Any donations made will be made public and full recognition will be given by BDARRT.

Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team:

Key personnel

Hilario Ical
Logistics Officer
Belmopan City
661-8634 or

Below is a list of equipments BDARRT is kindly requesting donors to assist with as much as possible. Any form of assistance will be great.

# Equipments Type Qty.
1 Rescue Med/Tech 6
Head Lamp
2 Helmet
3 Rappelling Harness
4 Carabineers Aluminum 5
5 Carabineers Stainless Steel 5
6 Brake bar rack aluminum
7 Hand ascender 5
8 Crawl 5
9 Two screw links 5
10 Chest harness 5
12 18’webbing 2
14 Prusik Loops 4
15 Cow tail 5
16 Machete 3
17 PFD Type two/three 8
18 Rescue knife 6
19 Small throw bag 6
20 Rescue medical kit 4
21 Swift water rescue 2
23 Throw ring 4
24 Spot light 3
25 Loud horn 3
26 Radio communication 4
27 Tool kit 3
28 Tow line 2
29 Cave & Confine Space rescue 2
55m Static line
30 11m Static line 2
32 2″ Pulleys Stainless steel 5
33 Prusik mining pulley 1
34 Carabineers Steel 10
35 Carabineers Aluminum 5
36 56″ Prusik 4
37 66″ Prusik 4
38 18′ webbing 2
39 14 webbing 2
40 Sked basket
41 Patient Package Kit
Sked/stoke rescue basket
42 Padding
43 14′ webbing 5
44 18′ webbing 1
45 35′ webbing 1

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  1. tacogirl says:

    Ricardo try emailing Hilario (his contact listed on post) and see if he can offer any insights for you on doing something like that in Barbados or getting something similar set up.

  2. Ricardo Hunte says:

    i am seeking a course such as this, how possible is it for me to take part in a course ?I am from Barbados

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