Massage by Zac at Serenity Spa at Las Terazzas

Belize Birthday

Coming at you live from Las Terrazas. We had a spectacular boat ride this morning with Island Ferry – now located at Tackle Box dock. We got to see a school of 6 dolphins swimming on our way here. Erin is getting a birthday massage at Serenity Spa after Liam is done with his drum lesson. Going back to the pool to lounge for a bit.

Erin decided she wanted to be close to base (Exotic Caye) so she picked Roadkill Karaoke as her night time birthday party – was a fun time as you can see by the pics.

2 thoughts on “Belize Birthday

  1. tacogirl says:

    You better get your flat ass up on stage next time ha ha. Too funny re fear in Paul’s eyes we are not huge karaoke people to begin with but have not been to one in a while and were pleasantly surprised.

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    I know that Hildy kills on Karoyke but you should hear my verision of Mustang Sally or even better yet “Suspicious Minds!”
    Oh and the pic of Erin, Joanne, Lara and Paul – you can see the fear in Paul’s eyes! Good times!

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