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New Option for Belize Mexico Transportation

New Option for Belize Mexico Transportation

Update – September 1, 2017

See the Tropic Air Suspends Flights post but scroll down to see useful information on Tropic Air and Chetumal Hotels and things to do while there.

Tropic Air Adds Flight To Chetumal Mexico 

January 16, 2017 was a big day in Belize flight history. Tropic Air commenced its third Mexican destination which makes it now eight international routes. The Belize-Mexico flight from Belize City to Chetumal is a great way for people to access Mexico City, and other parts of the country. 

The Tropic Air weekly flights will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Belize City International (BZE) to Chetumal Mexico (CTM) and will have an early arrival time that is convenient for connections with InterJet flights to Mexico City and also other flights departing from Cancun.

John Greif III, President of Tropic Air said, “We have been working closely with our partners in Chetumal for a few years in order to finally make this service a reality. We are excited to be the first international airline serving Chetumal and to becoming part of the community!”

“Not only will Belizeans be able to fly directly to Chetumal, but this route connects to the rest of the world, especially Asia, through Mexico City’s hub.”  – Steve Schulte, CEO.

Tropic Air offers easy connections to/from Belize City and 10 domestic destinations and Tropic’s own international routes, like Roatan, San Pedro Sula and Peten, Guatemala. The schedule allows for connections to 23 international destinations on other carriers like as Southwest, Westjet, Avianca, American, Delta, COPA, and United from Belize City.

Belize to Chetumal Flight

Flights run Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Depart BZE at 06:15 and arrive in CTM at 07:50
  • Make sure to arrive minimum 1 hour in advance of your flight.

Chetumal to Belize Flight

  • Departure from CTM at 09:30 with arrival in BZE at 09:05 – Not a typo; times are local. 
  • Make sure to arrive minimum 1 hour in advance of your flight.

Click through and save 10% on these, and any Tropic Air flight by using the code found on my Belize Transportation page.

Useful Tropic Air Information

For useful and some downloadable flight information, click on any of the following links: See a Tropic Air route map or go to their various pages and find out the latest flight policies, departure tax, and pet travel information.

Chetumal Mexico Hotels

So far of the two places I have stayed, Fiesta Inn is the clear winner for its funky style and great location. Hotel Los Cocos is also a popular choice and slightly less expensive. Click any of the blue links above for more information, reviews, and easy planning.

Chetumal Mexico

Fiesta in has a large spacious lobby with several eating areas and a bank of public computers

Chetumal Mexico

There were several cool living room type areas around the hotel

Fiesta Inn Chetumal

Another funky seating arrangement

Hoteles en Mexico

Nice large computer area in the lobby

Fiesta Inn Chetumal Hotel

Large rooms with a comfortable king size bed 

Fiesta Inn Chetumal Hotel

Basic amenities and one of two workstations

Fiesta Inn Chetumal

Rooftop pool and bar

Things to do in Chetumal

Aside shopping and movies, which is why most of us living in Belize go to Mexico, there are many interesting outdoor activities and things to do in Chetumal.

Grab a map and take a walk or a pre negotiated taxi ride around town and soak up the unique colorful culture. If your Spanish is not great remember your phone translator. You can also have a few lines written in advance to let your driver know what it is you want to see. Everything from architecture, to monuments, a Mayan Museum and more.

taco Tip

Advance preparation – Download to your phone or print off a city map from Google images. If you do not want to look like a lost tourist while studying it in public, camouflage your map with a book. I used to do that in Belize City. Now I am more prone to pull it out and get help marking locations. It is well worn and has many favorite additions. On one copy I even highlighted my safe walking route.

Chetumal Mexico

Volkswagen Paradise – you are never too old to play punch buggy with a friend. 

Belize Mexico Transportation

Colorful kids transportation at Plaza Los Americas

Belize Mexico Transportation

Mexican Tequila Worm Bottles at Liverpool Department Store

Belize Mexico

Look for inexpensive local restaurants

Chetumal Restaurants

Found Cheap Mexican Food  close to Fiesta Inn. La Charca De Las Ranas – we did breakfast.

Mexican food

 Sergio’s is a longtime favorite to enjoy reasonably priced dinner. Great arrachera, salads, and pizza.

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