Reg Form 2017 Chiquibul Challenge

Chiquibul Challenge Benefits Belize Wildlife

I recently had this event shared with me by Denver T. Cayetano, Communications and Membership Officer Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation and think it’s a great event to put out there and inform all of you about a great project focusing on the health and conservation of Belize animals.

Justin Ford, Event Coordinator, Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic replied with more information and was willing to include his 2 cents about why the Chiquibul Belize Wildlife and the challenge is so important.

“The Chiquibul Challenge Marathon is yet another way to highlight the importance of Belize’s protected areas, and humanity’s connection with nature. The Chiquibul Forest System is one of Belize’s most remote and most threatened protected areas. The Belizeans working to protect and earn a living from the Chiquibul’s vast natural resources do their work with passion and a sense of stewardship. We at the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic have been honored to play a small role in species conservation by providing veterinary support for the Scarlet Macaw Protection program. This work with our friends at the Forest Department and Friends for Conservation is the target for the Chiqibul Challenge Marathon fundraising efforts.

Outside of Forestry, Research and Conservation, few people have visited Chiquibul. The Chiquibul is a special place for so many reasons. To visit Las Cuevas is a privilege, and we hope that holding the event here will introduce some of you to the area’s serenity and magic. The Chiquibul Challenge Marathon route is between two historic landmarks, Las Cuevas Research Station and Tapir Camp, both of which have a rich history in the forestry industry and in research. The Chiquibul Challenge Marathon is more than just a sporting event, it is an opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the jewels most unspoiled and remote areas. Thank you for joining us and making this event a success!”


A Bit More About the Chiquibul Challenge Marathon

The race (or crawl if you are walking) is a 20km half marathon or a 40km full marathon on March 11 & 12, 2017 – Both runners and walkers welcome.

Payment instructions are on the registration form below. Please seek sponsorship for your team and tell the organizers who is sponsoring you!

The race itself also needs sponsors to pay for setting up the event. Please share the Chiquibul Challenge Sponsorship Form with potential race sponsors! You can right-click and save both the registration form and the sponsorship. Contact information for organizers is also on the sponsorship form.

Scarlet Macaws at Chiquibul protected area
Adult Scarlete Macaws photo by Boris Arevalo, Head of Research for FCD
Baby Macaw at Chiquibul
Baby Macaw photo by Boris Arevalo, Head of Research for FCD

(Featured image also by Boris Arevalo, Head of Research for FCD)

Chiquibul Challenge

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