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Mozilla Firefox Upgrade

Been having some kind of issue with Firefox and not being able to post on the Ambergris message board. I keep getting this error message… The host from which you are accessing the board is not recognized as a valid host. This is more than likely related to a firewall issue that is blocking the referer variable. Check your firewall settings and try again.

I tried Mozilla Firefox upgrade as a result of a post I made about the issue. One of the new things I like about the upgrade is when you are on a new page and open a new tab, it opens that page beside the one you are on and not at the end of the line. I find this extremely useful because I often have many pages open at once – 11 on the go right now. Still working out Brandon C’s adcice – low tech here ha ha.

Nothing has worked so far – still working out Brandon C’s advice – low tech here ha ha. If anyone has thoughts on a fix a fix please let me know.

A bit of sad news our on loan washing machine got taken off loan and drove away this week. Hoping we can score a great deal on one.

San Pedro Weather – wearing long p.j. pants and my Trip Advisor polar fleece – that was a nice surprise at the post office with perfect timing.

Adios amigo

Washing machine driving away

3 thoughts on “Mozilla Firefox Upgrade

  1. tacogirl says:

    Chrome is great Remo give it a try. Not used IE in ages they finally get spell check ha ha? I like firefox cause it has a Launch Hoot Suit button that makes it super easy to tweet websites when surfing. Glad you like tips.

    Truth is out – now you know how we got the Palace Mystery ha ha.

  2. MYSTERYBOY says:

    Loan washer??? So you are in the money laudering business now! That’s how that “palatial lifestyle” happened, huh? BWWAAHAHAHAHAHAH

  3. Remo says:

    I was having some issues (cannot find server issues) with FF 3.6 as well on my work computer (home computer works fine..weird eh?).

    I downgraded FF 3.6 to FF 3.5 and that helped for the most part. I downloaded IE 8 and that seems to be more “stable” so far as compared to FF 3.6

    I never tried Chrome yet considering I was such a big Firefox fan in the past. Should I? hmmm…..

    Thanks for posting some tips that might help.


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