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Living in Belize

50 things everyone must do [at least once] in a lifetime


When my Cousin Erin was visiting she brought the deck 50 things everyone must do [at least once] in a lifetime. I decided to cut a card from the deck for all of us and see what it says – “Stay up all night long and watch the Sunrise”. While I have seen many a sunrise here in Belize it has been a log time since I stayed up all night to watch one. Back in our high school days Erin and I used to go to Twilight Zone club – opened at Midnight and closed at 6am – we caught many a sunrise after dancing all night. We also went to a backyard bonfire party in the countryside outside Barrie Ontario and stayed up all night by the campfire. I remember walking around listening to the crickets and other sound of nature as the sun came up. Erin and I can both cross that one off our lists.

We took our Seaduction sunset cruise rein-check tonight. Was perfect weather to chill out on the boat – as always Manuel and Giovanni made our trip enjoyable. Afterward Matt -  Sara and Mama B asked us to go for dinner. It was funny as we were trying to head south to El Divino and this dog kept wanting to get on the cart and come for a ride. When we finally got him to go his own way he headed to town.

Will leave you with a funny conversation I had with my cousin Erin [°°ºÍMªgîñë°°] on the coconut phone and some pics from out boat ride.

°°ºÍMªgîñë°° says: i keep having dreams w u in em
Laurie says: good ones i hope
°°ºÍMªgîñë°° says: im in Belize w a lot of junk n im planning my packing to go home n cant have fun,  its recurring
overwhelming junk , paper,  hoarding
Laurie says: crazy
can I blog that lol?
°°ºÍMªgîñë°° says: this am at 9 30 so vivid sure, see if anyone interprets,
Laurie says: ya
°°ºÍMªgîñë°° says: its like i cant get my shit together  hoarding junk
Laurie says: interesting
I feel like that sometimes – cluttered
°°ºÍMªgîñë°° says: completely overwhelming,
Laurie says: ok
°°ºÍMªgîñë°° says: next time im gonna  try to realize  its a bad dream. Its the only dreams i ever remember n u r always in em


  1. tacogirl April 4, 2010

    Hi Claude. San Pedro is a great place to live – not without trials and tribulations though. It is the rental companies I sent you links for that you need to check back with for places becoming available.

  2. claude joly April 3, 2010

    HI you sent me some info on rentals on san pedro. thanks. i would love just to live on san pedro and to meet you and hang out. if any rentals come available let me know. just to meet you and your family would be good enough for me..claude from vancouver b.c. canada……..

  3. tacogirl March 24, 2010

    What a great mission Robyn – sorry about your mom. Ambergris Caye is here waiting for you.

  4. Robyn March 24, 2010

    I started on a mission to create a bucket list and get as much done with joy and wonder as I could when my beautiful mom died 7 years ago. Since then, I have done many things I never dreamed of-both significant and simple…some of them in Belize. Oh how I miss Ambergris Caye!

  5. tacogirl March 17, 2010

    Due to us both inheriting the pack-rat gene I think this one has an obvious message ha ha.

  6. erin aka imagine March 17, 2010

    any ideas what these reoccuring nitemares are all about? or is it really that obvious?? 🙂


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