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You might be a foodie if…


Recently Carbunkle Trumpet sent me a funny foodie page to look at. Some of the comments on there are pretty good and definitely ring true.

I can relate to these two -  …you visit grocery stores like it is a tourist destination when you are traveling out of town or search for outdoor markets …look forward to eating the local cuisine/specialty.

-  (for foodie bloggers)…if your friends/spouse do not immediately begin eating when food arrives at a restaurant and either 1) patiently wait for you to get your pictures taken, or 2) 6 cameras whip out of everyone’s bags, the table is click-click-clicking with the sound of shutters.

Carbunkle Trumpet – “I am so guilty on like a dozen of these.  I think the best one was that if you spend more money on kitchen items than work clothes.  So I have a 200.00 Global Butcher knife and shop the Target aisle, I don’t see anything wrong with that!”

Me – “ha ha Paul always says we haven’t got past a meal – or just ate and I am already talking about the next one.”

I will add to that and say  “you know you are a foodie when…  The smell of food in the air can make you slow down or change direction when you are headed somewhere”.

Today’s pictures came from two of my favorite foodies Carbunkle Trumpet and Chunkyruth. Notice how their pics  share 2  common foodie blogger traits – both shot before and after pics and they used bacon as well.

BBQ beginnings Chunkyruth

BBQ beginnings Chunkyruth

Smoker beginnings Carbunkle Trumpet

Smoker beginnings Carbunkle Trumpet

BBQ almost done Chunkyruth

BBQ almost done Chunkyruth

Smoker done Carbunkle Trumpet

Smoker done Carbunkle Trumpet

If you were not already convinced – the next two pictures are further proof that soul foodies do exist in this life time.


Chunkyruth - Minnesota - San Pedro

Carbunkle Trumpet

Carbunkle Trumpet - Memphis - San Pedro

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  1. tacogirl March 20, 2010

    Just do not trade in the smoker ha ha.

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet March 20, 2010

    Sweetness I will trade in all of my kitchen stuff to be back!

  3. tacogirl March 19, 2010

    We missed you guys and the trumpets.

  4. Ruthie & Chunk March 19, 2010

    So, now you see what everyone missed in San Pedro this winter…


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