Mini Vacation

Went to check out Lil Pedro’s Caye Caulker.  After all that has gone on last week with me being sick and Paul working like mad and sorting through some frustrations – we definitely needed a vacation to just chill out and be away from it all.  It was fun hanging out with Walter – Gillian – Raul and Trevor. I really like the new place it is right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Caye Caulker and the waterfront view is amazing – we played backgammon and watched people and boats passing by. In the afternoon Walter had lined up some live music with Garifuna Drummers. They were a big hit and it was funny cause we all ended up at Barrier Reef Sports Bar later and talk of the drummers playing at Lil Pedro’s was the word on the street – news travels even faster on Caye Caulker than it does on San Pedro ha ha.

If you have not done so – I highly recommend a tour of Caye Caulker by taxi. We had Orrie drive us around and he was a great guide showing us different parts of the island and pointing out various landmarks. You can reach him at 626-1307 or 624-0355. Cost $30 bzd

4 thoughts on “Mini Vacation

  1. tacogirl says:

    Damn that Jager Mystery. Think the opening was very soft as I never heard a word about it. We did have a blast staying there on the weekend.

  2. mysteryboy says:

    If Pedro had not fed me so much Jaeger on Tuesday night, I would have made the “soft opening” on Wednesday 🙂

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