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Snorkeling adventure

I love it when timing works in my favor. Today was one of those days where everything lined up perfectly. I was up early and got a good 3 h work in before I headed out to this morning’s march against violence which started in Central park and headed through town. I can tell you it is very moving to see a large group of people coming together to stand up for something they know is wrong. Today the Wilson’s and everyone who joined them sent out the message out loud and clear that violence and abuse are not ok and that there are people who are ready and willing to help you get out if you are stuck in an abusive situation.

After the march started I cut over to middle street to catch them coming around and ran into 2miles and Tona – what a nice surprise. Caught a few pics as the march was heading down middle street and ran into Kainie who offered me a lift to catch it coming back around on front street as she was heading that way to shoot some video footage – divine timing strikes again. I took a few more shots from the upper veranda of Coral Beach Hotel.

After the march I headed to Playa lounge dock for 10 am and met Kenton – Chel and Monel for a trip day Chel Belle – 2 snorkel stops and a beach bbq. We headed north to Palapa bar to pick up Maureen. Our first snorkel stop was tres cocos area – saw some amazing coral there – stunning sea sculptures. Back on the boat for a bit listening to music and enjoying a rum punch as we headed for Mexico Rocks. After working up a good appetite in the water, Kenton headed a bit further north to a nice beach where we amused ourselves while he prepped and cooked.

Thanks for taking good care of us Kenton by making sure we got to see lots underwater and were well fed and hydrated. Monel had never snorkeled before and Kenton set him up so he could easily float and he guided him around making sure Monel was ok and had a great first time snorkel. He was also good about offering us girls help getting in and out if the boat should we want it.

Just got school blog gone and we are rushing off to the Island Perk party.

p.s. Monel needs very big ones if anyone has a spare set kicking around – sz 13 shoe not sure if it is same for flippers.

p.s.s. Aeriel the pic of your dad snorkeling is for you – he was looking for you to wish you a happy birthday.

Many people came out to show some love for Island Perk today. We have all shared good times there – so many of them. It was nice to celebrate among friends and hear Coleen’s big announcement that they are going to be in a lovely new spot across from the greenhouse with a courtyard and artists studio right there. We are all anxious to have our Perk back and Coleen said it would be within a month. Of course we joked about that being on Belize time but I Know Coleen will be missing her espressos and that will help things get done asap.

6 thoughts on “Snorkeling adventure

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Ruthie we had a great time. Wish you and Chunky were there. Yay post is finally finished been working on it for hours.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Everything is fine Candice. We had some minor shaking in the middle of the night here in San Pedro but as far as I know no one was hurt.

  3. Liz says:

    Hello fellow Belize Blogger! I just came across your website and my jaw dropped. Your blog is incredible! It is almost exactly as I have been envisioning to make my website like. The information, the photos, the videos- all incredible!

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi and I look forward to following your posts and learning more about Belize through your blog before I go to Belize. 🙂


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