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Merry Christmas San Pedro Style

This post goes out to all of you who are dealing with cold and snow right now.

It is fairly common knowledge that a big part of us moving here was to take a pass on winter. Not a day goes by right now where I do not stop and look around me thinking how lucky we are to be here especially after seeing pictures of the last snow storm in Toronto. I have taken some pics from Boca Del Rio area to show you all some San Pedro Christmas Spirit.

Tonight is the Christmas party and stuff swap at Pedro’s. It will be a good night to let loose and have some fun with all our friends. I still have to get our gift game presents ready and find a few more things for swap – we will go over early to decorate – will post pics of that later.

Christmas stuff swap was great – there was some good stuff on the table – people walked away happy with their loot. What could be better than free shopping and enjoying pizza and drinks with your friends ha ha. Many brought sweet treats to share (thanks to Pam for starting that idea). Dianne got an early Christmas present and we all got to share in that moment when she got the call that due to Weather flights were bunged up and Tracy was on his way back into town and staying an extra day. Tracy got his reward for coming back (aside from Dianne) he was the first one picked to win a door prize – the universe is spinning in balance in San Pedro. After the party a bunch of us went to Road Kill to see our musician friends play. We still managed to make it home by 10:40 pm how cool is that.

Christmas chipmunks


Santa climbing the wall

Looking down side street

At end of side street street

Elf in cart

Santa and Frosty enjoying some sunshine

Manger on the beach

Holiday ferris wheel

Santa surfing the net

Merry Christmas to all

Manger by the sea


Swap table

Checking out some stuff

Lara picking out first name for door prize

Tracy came back

Mimi Bill Tracy and Dianne

Courtney scores NY jersey

Rebecca pulling second prize winner which turned out to be herself ha ha

Got milk?

Zac showing a very useful technique to help get rid of hiccups instantly

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas San Pedro Style

  1. carlygrl says:

    I HATE YOU! ROFL!!! OUR WEATHER IS GREAT ACTUALLY. But no palm trees and ocean in Raleigh, NC. I am toooo far from my place of comfort! hope to visit soon!
    Ciao Baby!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Hey Carly catch up with you on pulling a few cards soon. You are right the water here is Heaven.

    Eve luckily people are very much in the Christmas spirit here so we get to enjoy all their decorating work (we did not decorate the tacoshack). Nothing like sunshine, Christmas decorations and palm trees. Hope you come for a visit one day.

  3. eve says:

    Hi Laurie,
    Thanks for this! Who put up all the decorations? Was it you by chance? Very Christmas-y. Looks kind of strange with that background, but nice.
    Yes we are having grey, cold weather, bare black wet branches, with black wet looking crows perched in them. A few golden leaves in the tree outside my window that have managed to hand on through rain and snow and wind and storm. Sky goes from dark grey in the morning to pale gray during the day and then black in the evening. It’s all good.
    Lots of love. See you one day I hope.

  4. Carlygrl says:

    Hello Taco Queen! Este es Carlygrl! How are you? Sounds like you stormed the hurricane and are doing great! The weather in NC has been very dry and warm up until last week. We were in the 80ies…7 days ago. So not too bad here. However, the ocean looks like Heaven. For Christmas…I will sing you a Christmas song and you can pull me some cards for a new job! 🙂 Love to have a read in person!
    Hugs and love!

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