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Peaceful March against selling off Land

Many people turned up in their white shirts this morning to make a peaceful march against the sale of land at the north end of Ambergris Caye. People of San Pedro wanted to make it known how they feel about selling off land in this particular area and feel that there is plenty of available land that is not in national parks areas or land that is designated for town expansion.

The area in question known as Pinkerton Estates holds a valuable part of Mayan culture and nature both of which are very important to Belize history and tourism. It contains ancient Maya archaeological sites – including evidence of a small village with a small wall, cenote wells and Maya artifacts. This area also hosts plenty of wildlife and unique plant life that is not found anywhere else on the island – it would not be in anyone’s best interest to sell off this land for development.

For more information please check out the post on Ambergris Caye message board
Second post

Meeting up at Tropic Cargo

Someone moving a bathroom

Raise your flag


Many people turned up to march

Walking the parade route

We support the cause

Passing Ruby’s

Don’t Sell Our Children’s Future

Passing Coral Beach Hotel

Zippy and Paul

Ruby’s and some of the other businesses closed for the march

Walking down Front Street

Camera man

Suitcase statement on selling off all the land

Stop selling out Country for 2 cents

March ended in Central Park

Interview with Heredia

Lots of people

Island Perk was a must after the march

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