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Long walk

After we for stamped at immigration today I decided to take a long walk.

I headed north along the road and ended up hanging out on the veranda at Caye Casa chatting with Julie. While there I got a chance to check out the finished villas – they look great. In the penthouse I could not resist laying on the bed with the balcony door open – imagine being able to look out at the sea from bed – that would definitely put a nice spin on waking up in the morning.

I decided to walk towards home along the beach, and take in the view. Saw lots of people out and about – managed to run into Julian his wife and their friend which is good as they are only here till Saturday and he had lost our number. The sky was really nice so I detoured down to the lagoon to hang out at the pier by Sunset Grill before heading home.

I clocked 2.19 miles – 6959 steps -30 min of aerobic activity – 2963 aerobic steps – If I did not dawdle as much I would get more cardio but that is hard not to do when there is so much to look at.


Pool at Caye Casa

Cool sink

Hanging out on the veranda

Nice sky

Kids playing

Kids digging a hole

Ripples in the mirror

Water Color Lagoon

2 thoughts on “Long walk

  1. tacogirl says:

    It was a nice surprise running into all of you you on the beach. I am sure we will have chance to meet up again sometime.

  2. JrinSC says:

    Hi Tacogirl,

    Just now thought to check this day and see if you remembered meeting me and “my women” that Thursday late afternoon! I was glad to see my name in “lights”!

    Wish that I had managed to keep your phone number and had arranged to meet earlier in the week. Here’s hoping that I’ll have another chance to do better another time.

    Julian (and Karol) – Spartanburg,SC

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