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Best Christmas Card

Happy holidays to all our Belize friends, past, present and future!! Colin and Laura Gage Kansas City, Missouri USA. Thanks to everyone else who sent us cards or gave treats. I got a mini windfall at the post office the other day.

After getting a great Christmas card from Colin and Laura in an email just now, I got inspired to write my New Year list… (please feel free to add a comment to this post with a few things on your own wish list)

I prefer doing wish lists over resolutions – it is easier to make wishes come true than to stick to resolutions. For some reason it seems like people have a hard time sticking to Resolutions. I think it could be a combination of 2 things… 1. that what people resolve is not always what they want but rather what they think they should do for what ever reason 2. When making resolutions people tend to be very specific and not so open as to what will work best for them and keep in mind the enjoyment factor of what you want and how much you enjoy what you are giving up. Realistically speaking even though I know it is not good for me, I enjoy my iced coffee way to much to give it up for very long so I capt it at 2 for the most part.

I like to leave my wishes open ended – to me that means keeping it wide open as to how it can unfold and remembering nothing is too out of reach. If I can decorate a Belikin coaster with green and gold glitter glue, attach a green plastic string and sell it on eBay as a Belikin Christmas ornament for $3.25 usd then I can do anything.

I phrase my wishes as if they are already happening – I find it helps things materialize easier that way.

It is Dec 21 and here is a start on how I am seeing myself in 2008 … Watching more sunsets (no excuse I am already up ha ha) -Seeing more sunrises – Getting a bigger apartment at a great price – Drinking more water – Going swimming more often – Doing Tai Chi – Feeling how lucky I am daily – Traveling around more in Belize and Central America – -Being Healthy – Doing more art –

Potlicker Reindeer pic was posted by Barnacle and sent to KC by Sweetjane then forwarded to tacogirl for this post by KC

5 thoughts on “Best Christmas Card

  1. travelqueen says:

    “anonymous” is not so anonymous – Collyk!!! xoxo

    Great blogs, gial! Happy holidays to you guys!!

  2. KC Jayhawk says:

    DISCLAIMER!!!! The reindeer dog pic was posted by Barnacle and sent to me by Sweetjane!! I just shared it with Tacogirl!! KCJayhawk

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