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Holiday Party list

So much is happening so fast it it is hard to keep track.

We had a blast at Julia gardens last night – hanging out by the pool flagging friends down as they passed by – what a great place to party.

Dianne shared what is going on with the night sky over the next 3 days. Tonight the 22and there will be a meteor shower and can best seen by looking North which is cool cause we plan to be at coco loco’s party so if it works out that we are there late enough I am sure we will see a great sky. Tomorrow Dec 23rd is the full moon and following night Christmas eve Mars will be closer to the earth than it has been for 9 years. You will be able to see it between Orian’s Belt and the Moon near Gemini.

Holiday Party List – Will be adding to this as things come up or change.

Dec 13 Holy Cross Christmas party – Dec 15 Casino – Dec 19 Christmas Stuff Swap – Dec 21 Julia Gardens Pot Luck – Dec 22 Coco Loco’s afternoon party and Art Gallery opening at Crazy Canucks – Dec 25 Sad Bastards at Pedro’s and Casey’s Boat yard Party – Dec 26 Boxing day Potluck at Tackle Box –

First come the cocktails – then comes the music eventually followed by food – So don’t forget to stop by the Tackle box for a cocktail on the pier with your friends now that they are in process of re-opening.

New Photo Blog to check out by Alan – well worth a look … Yet another shitty day In Paradise

Life could not get any more fun right now. Been around town this morning between stocking up before things are gone or closed (we have an egg shortage now but have found boxed milk again) Everyone is out and about doing same. I have 45 min to eat a sandwich and catch a rest before we meet Rudy at Tackle Box to head up to Coco Loco’s.

Raise your glass Tackle Box rocks again – so much so that we have changed location of our pot luck boxing day party to chill out there with fab friends great tunes and a spectacular view.

The brat pack is expanding – we all had a great time together at coco locos watching the fire show, it was fun to see peoples reactions who were watching for the first time. Afterwards some of the gang continued on to Canucks but we got off the Rudy mobile in town and headed home to do some couch surfing – between return of the Jedi and family guy I was quite happy.

Flavor Flave dropped by

Mini Flave

Tackle Box – open and busy

Rudy and Rebecca

Crossing over

Full moon



Lions Chicken BBQ – Yum – Rudy and I ate some

Zac and Justin

Moon over water



Zac – by Rudy

Paul by Rudy

Paul and Lara by Rudy

Lara and Alan by Rudy

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