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Meat and Greet Monday

Joey Stevens and Bob the ParrotBeen a busy day so far. We had an early morning meeting at El Divino then headed into the Seaduced Office so that Robert cold get on the internet and get some work done. They have started sending film clips from Belize back to the states already so keep watch for them on Channel 16.

While Robert was working Joey and I went for a walk down front street. Ran into Pedro and Charlie he told us to hop on the cart and he would take us for coffee. While doing that we chatted with Lemon Crush Lara and Richard from Casa Cayo – he gave Joey and I a ride back to meet Robert.

Next stop was the school – when we did the initial tour of town and brought Joey and Robert as far as the bridge they said they would like to go see the school and get the kids to do a Hot Hot Hot clip so we did that – a very fast tour and lunch of stewed chicken and rice & beans.

Joey Stevens and Bob the Parrot Joey Stevens and Bob the Parrot

Here are some pictures from today when they were shooting footage at the beach and at Holy Cross Anglican School. As you can see lots of people around town are excited to have their picture taken with Joey.

Time to go relax a bit before the meet and greet party tonight 6pm at El Divino. Hoping to catch some of the new footage on tv around 4pmish.

Annual Opening party for Lobsterfest [2010] at El Divino was great fun we saw lots of friends and the tapas plate they had this year was tasty. Joey and Robert have been getting to know people better which we all know is easy to do here. Joey even stopped to give Drummer Dan a lift this morning as far as crazy Canucks.

Last we saw them they were headed towards Roadkill with a full cart load. We came home and crashed.

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