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Countdown is on

The count down is on – about 5 h till they land in San Pedro. In the midst of all this planning and gearing up for lobsterfest I realized that our stash of bags we keep for hurricane season got wet due to leaky closet so all the giant zip locks space bags heavy duty garbage bags had to get washed dried and ready to waterproof should we need to.

Quicksilver Dianne RLD tacoboy and I met Joey and Robert at the airport then we toured town and got golf carts thanks to Ultimate Polo’s and Cholo’s. Joey and Robert are great guys and we had fun showing them around and introducing them to people.

So glad internet is good today took me 5 min to get gallery up from this morning.

10:20pm What a fantastic day – had a nice lunch at El Divino and then of course we had to take Joey and Robert to meet Derrick and see him play with all Cayed Up. Bob the Parrot got to meet Aida as he was wearing the new shirt she made him. We headed over to DandE’s after for some yummy frozen custard than back to Pedro’s for pizza.

2 thoughts on “Countdown is on

  1. Laura says:

    I wish I could be at LobsterFest. I have to grill for the folks this weekend, myself. But we have only 138 days on our countdown.

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