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Living in Belize

Beach party fun at Fido’s


We got up super early this am – somehow managed to make it to Banana Beach for 5am and got to watch an amazing sunrise with Rob and Joey while waiting for Elito to meet us. Drove to town and got some breakfast at Ruby’s then headed out on the boat to co catch some lobster.

Elito knew just the right spots and before long Joey and Rob were hooking them like pro’s. We caught bunch at a few different spots then headed for a quick stop at the sandbar to film a clip then Elito headed around front so that they could see some lobster fishermen diving to get their catch near the reef.

Catching a few min down time then helping Joey and Bob and move to Xanadu while Rob is in town doing some editing at Seaduced office. Then it will be off to Fido’s for the big lobster weigh in and beach party – see you later.

The day time part of  Fido’s lobsterfest beach party was great – tasty food lots more socializing – listening Dennis Wolfe and the Usual Suspects for daytime music and Love Paradigm at night. Thanks to Brad from Extreme Adventures we even got a parasail in. The sand is running fast through my hourglass only 2 h before we have to go out again and I am starting to feel like a pumpkin so I better sign off and get some couch surfing in.

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  1. tacogirl June 16, 2010

    It will still be Lobster Season when you come Laura – season closes Feb 15th. Was an amazing sunrise today.

  2. Laura June 16, 2010

    Will it still be lobster season in November?

    136 days on the countdown!!! But who’s counting…lol.

    By the way, the picture of sunrise is spectacular.

  3. tacogirl June 15, 2010

    Thanks Paul – glad you are enjoying it.

  4. Paul June 15, 2010

    From Montreal, I enjoy reading your daily adventures.


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