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Could we get any busier?

Again we have another action packed day. We are off to Indigo soon where Joey is serving up some Lobster lunch to the workers there – then back to town and likely a bit of filming at Xanadu a quick rest and it is off to a Sunset Cruise followed by dinner at Sunset Grill and then we may catch last half of the pub crawl with some karaoke at Roadkill and ladies night at Wet Willy’s if we have any steam left. Joey and Rob been lasting longer so they may make it further than us tacos at this point.

I saw a repeat of the lobster fishing with Elito Arceo and Holy Cross Hot Hot Hot clip this morning at 8:41. So keep watching One Caribbean Weather – [ch 16 here in San Pedro] especially at 4 and 9pm to catch daily Belize Footage.

2:50 pm just scored a ride home from Joey. Was hoping to have a rest but will see what time is like after I get the blog up and check emails – we have to be at Xanadu by 4:40pm. John – Joey and Rob’s manager arrived today He was at Fido’s with Paul when we got back from Indigo.

We had a nice ride up north on the Seaduced boat and lunch at Indigo was great. Our surprise chef turned out to be Walter and he was serving up all the workers curry coconut lobster tails or garlic butter tails with rice & beans slaw & tortilla. It is looking really nice up there when. I like the big round rooms and the curved detailing to the showers. The view is fantastic too.

Making a break from computer while I can – back later.

Pics from tonight’s sunset cruise – dinner and karaoke at Roadkill Bar. As you can see we had a good time everywhere we went. I would write more but it is after 11:11 and 7am is coming fast – we have to be at Xanadu to catch the boat to Laminai. tacoboy and I have set every ring-able apparatus to make sure we wake up at 5:30- got to sort out decorations for Pedro’s before going and drop them off. We also made a deal with Cindy to ring each other at 6:30 to make sure we are awake.

2 thoughts on “Could we get any busier?

  1. carbunkle trumpet says:

    Can I tell people that my first encounter with the world famous Taco Girl was when little Taco girl lived on middle street and blogged about getting some peanut butter from some friends who were on a cruise?

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