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Lamanai & All you can eat Lobster Pizza

Damn I feel like I just shut my eyes and now I am already up and back at my lap top blogging. Today we go to Laminai – Cindy is coming along too should be a good adventure. Rebecca from Seaduced thought it would be good to get the One Caribbean Weather boys, out on a Maya ruins experience and see a bit of the mainland.

Laminai was great no time for details – will get them up tomorrow. We are dashing off to our next event – all you can eat Lobster Pizza at Pedro’s and trivia

Ok I have a min now to get back to Lamanai. Everyone always says how much longer this trip as you do a boat then a bus then another boat. Due to a very smooth ride it did not feel so bad to me time wise though I could imagine if water was rough it would. The ruins were fantastic and climbing to the top and being above the treeline was very cool. Loved the jungle and breakfast at Bomba was good too. Shot lots of great pics. I would definitely do this trip again [been to Altun Ha twice too]

All you can eat Lobster night at Pedro’s was jam packed – everyone loved it when Bob The Parrot rang the bell. Check out the last 5 pics of the gang singing. It was pretty funny Joey was about to head back to Pelican Reef and came back not long after saying he was having cart trouble so Pedro got Joey to stay and sing Sweet Caroline with everyone.

p.s. the killer bananas [name likely wrong] won at trivia last night and donated all their winnings to help get Derrick to Berklee Summer Music Camp.

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