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Captain Morgans Lobster Fest 2010

Tonight is Captain Morgans official San Pedro Lobster Fest 2010 event should be a good time. See below for details and menu I hope to see you there on the free boat. YUM. It was so nice to have a bit of a break and stay up at Captain Morgans (a resort about 3.5 miles north of San Pedro town) for the night. Loved the band with dinner and the food was great. Afterward we were thinking of heading to Legends but the boat did not turn up when they said it would so a few of us went back to John and Rob’s room to hang out instead and I promptly bonded with a very large comfy couch. All our rooms are great – well set very comfortable and wifi. After breakfast we puttered around Captain Morgan’s (you can use link to book a room) a bit and went to see what Joey’s room looked like – he scored big with a deluxe 2 bedroom right on the beach with a stunning view.

Start off with one of our special appetizers: Lobster Ceviche – $9.00 US Lobster Fritters – $9.00 US Lobster Dip – $9.00 US Entrees: 1. Grilled lobster tail with cilantro & chili butter. 8 oz of lobster grilled to perfection, complemented by coconut rice and fresh local steamed vegetables – $25.00 US 2. Lobster Thermidor – 8 oz lobster sauteed in  mustard, white wine and lemon sauce. Finished with a small covering of Parmesan cheese accented with coconut rice and a side of steamed vegetables – $25.00 US 3. Lobster Scampi – sauteed lobster with garlic, onion and white wine sauce on a bed of pasta, complemented by fresh steamed vegetables – $25.00 US 4. Lobster Lambada – 8 oz lobster tail poached and finished with a mozzarella cheese and spinach sauce. Served with coconut rice and steamed vegetables – $25.00 US 5. Grilled Lobster Tail – 8 oz of fresh local lobster grilled to perfection with drawn butter of the side. Served with coconut rice and steamed vegetables – $25.00 US 6. Lobster Salad – 6 oz of lobster chilled and served on top of fresh green lettuce, red and yellow sweet peppers, tomatoes and black olives. Served with our special balsamic honey dressing – $18.00 US Prices do not include taxes and gratuity. Please make a reservation at the front desk. CALL 226-2208/226-2207. Dinner is served between 6-9 PM Texas Hold EM’ to starts at 7:00 PM.

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  1. Laura says:

    I can tell that the week of Lobsterfest and Bob & Joey has been great for you. Only 132 days until we get to Ambergris Cayeand Capt. Morgan’s for our special week. How did the tsp/bleach concoction do on your closet? Or have you even had any time to fool with it at all?!

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