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San Pedro Lobsterfest Block Party 2010

Just a quick note back dated from June 11th – 3 days before Joey and Crew Arrive. It feels like we are steamrolling fast towards the big block party. There is so much to do – as Tim Gun always tells the designers on Project Runway – “Make it Work” and I know somehow we will.

10:14am the big day is finally here. We are still up at Captain Morgans now and about to begin the rat race again as we have to get to Phoenix to check in – head back home for a few min then regroup at the block party. I sure hope we can schedule a nap in there somewhere before tonight.

Back home again thankfully and sorting out my decorating stuff to make sure I do not forget anything.

2pm filming at Pedro’s went well. Lots of people came out to meet Joey and join the fun. Soon as that was done we had to dash into town decorate booths and the OCW crew was filming the artists who had the big area under the big palapa in the park.

Block party was a big success. Loads of people – lots of lobster – no shortage of drinks and Supa G was great. Got to run off to breakfast at Changes in Latitudes then a well deserved potluck party on the Seaduced Catamaran.

8 thoughts on “San Pedro Lobsterfest Block Party 2010

  1. tacogirl says:

    I agree Mike ‘what a party’ I can totally see who you lost the urge to drink for a bit after that one – I am sure there were lots of people with big heads the next morning.

  2. tacogirl says:

    I got a bit of time off Laura but had to play a bit of catch up as well due to being so busy last week. Nice website – it does look like a cool place. 129 days will pass before you know it although I am sure time might feel like it is dragging cause you are waiting.

  3. Ruthie says:

    Laurie, you have really outdone yourself this lobsterfest. I’m sure your honored guests will remember San Pedro with the fondest of memories. What a host you are!

  4. harold says:

    hi tq i’m haveing a hard time knowing when to book my stay next year .this is the rainy season but the weahter looks so good . we are comeing for two weeks but do i book for april or june . is the weather any differant at this time . i would like to be there for lobster season and all the fun but i want my kids to enjoy themselfs {20 and older } just let me know what would be best. i’ve seen your blogs for the last few years and things always look good know matter what ,so this is hard to get the right

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