March Events and Weather on Ambergris Caye

March Events and Weather Recap

It’s that time again. If you are wondering what time? Wonder no more…. It’s social planning time with March events and weather on Ambergris Caye. I would like to thank my editor Shirlee who helps research and compile events as well as puts up with me messaging her at all hours to add to the list 😀 First, off March weather, it helps to know temps so you can plan your wardrobe effectively. I bought a sweater to the beach the other night and while I did not wear it the whole time, I was glad I took it as the breeze occasionally picked up. February weather recap is also included below. I know some of you are already planning for next year. 🙂

Sargasso or Sargassum in Belize March Weather

Before I get into the upcoming March events, allow me to remind you,  March winds are blowing and in spite of the crazy Sargasso that this is a great month to take advantage of wind sports such as kite surfing, Hobie cat, or sailing on a catamaran which is my pick. I love a good Caye Caulker day sail or a sunset cruise. Aside from good winds if you are close to the water, this month will be mostly sunny and humid and according to AccuWeather, historically the temps range around 28°C or 82.4°F / 21°C or 69.8°F in March. This year we are coming in a little warmer right out of the gate at a high temp of 30°C or 85°F and low temperatures around 26°C or 79°F. Today the sun came up at approximately 6:11 AM and the moon will rise slightly before the sunset at approximately 5:55 PM with sunset at 5:59 PM. Since the moon will be full it is worth planning an early evening time at the beach to enjoy watching it rise.

February Weather Recap

The “normal” temperatures for this time of year were back, rather than the coolness we felt in January. The temperature throughout the month hovered around the 77.5°F/ 25.3°C mark with low humidity. Unfortunately for those who like the beach, the island has been overrun with sargasso once again. From what I can tell most of the resorts south of town are not really even trying to keep up with clean up as it is almost futile. Once the “flow” is over we should see nice clean beaches once again.

March Events

Back to this month and there is no a shortage of things to do and there will be more coming. As while Easter falls in April first this year, there will definitely be parties leading up to it that have yet to be announced. Associated Bank holidays can fall anytime before or after so it is wise to get your ATM use in early and have a secret stash.

March 2nd – Sunshine Scholarship Foundation Fundraiser

This one is worth going to see the Palapa Bar and Grill get an HGTV makeover. Romantic Travel Belize has volunteered to decorate the set I happened to be ice cream with Lara at the impromptu fundraiser meeting between Lara of RTB, and the Sunshine Foundation organizers Joy Flowers and Eve Dirnback. Funnily enough, I saw Lara driving to the Palapa Bar Tuesday night with a huge cart full of decorations to start stylizing a plan. Friday from 5:00 to 9:00 pm Entertainment will be provided by Will Nunez from 5:00 to 7:00 followed by a cabaret-style concert given by well-known Broadway performer Sean McDermott. There will be a 50/50 draw, a silent auction and an amazingly generous door prize donated by Columbia University; two tickets on American Airlines for anywhere in the Caribbean or the Americas. Attendance is mandatory to be declared the winner of this fantastic prize. Event tickets are $30.00 BZD and may be purchased from Flowers Salazar and Associates, (226-3725) at the Palapa Bar (226-2528) or from Eve Dirnback (623-9962) See Sunshine Foundation Facebook page to learn more about the organization. They do great work helping kids in need get an education.

March 3rd – First Memorial Park Farmer’s Market

Memorial Park Belize City 11:00 am – 2:00 pm This is a great way to shop locally and find delicious, unique products. You will fuind a wide range of great items including organic and sustainably grown vegetables, herbs, luffas, flowers, succulents and more from Kunahmul Organics. Also represented will be succulents, plants, organic honey and organic coconut oil from local farmers and French bread and pastries from Delices de France and more. Click through for more details to first ever farmer’s market in Memorial Park

March 3rd – Rojo Beach Bar & Lounge

A perfect Saturday thing to do go boogie down, eat delicious food and lounge on the beach. DJ Matt Hoy with his cousin DJ Roots from Montreal will provide the music from 1:00 – 6:00 pm. Watch this Rojo Lounge Belize Facebook page for more details as soon as they become available.

March 9th to 12th – Annual La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge – Sponsored by Belikin

For 21 years this river race has been a major event in Belize. It’s a challenging canoe race that is not for those with low endurance. The full rules and regulations were posted by PDF on Ruta Maya Facebook page on February 16. This year my lunch chef Cindy is trying to enter with two friends, though one just had a minor injury that may have thrown a monkey wrench into things. Ruta Maya Start Times and Locations:

  • Day 1 – Hawkesworth Bridge, San Ignacio – 7:00 am
  • Day 2 – Banana Bank, Belmopan – 6:30 am
  • Day 3 – Double Head Cabbage – 8:00 am
  • Day 4 – Burell Boom – 9:00 am with the race ending at the finish line at Bottom Dollar Parking Lot area, Belize City.

March 9th – 16th Reef Week

This years theme for Reef Week Belize: Our Reef Rocks! Protect it! Don’t Neglect it! Several events scheduled for the week both on the mainland and on Ambergris Caye. Here are a few of them, watch coastal and environmental Belize facebook pages for more as the date draws closer. March 10th – Ride to the Reef Ride to Reef will start at Independence Hill (National Assembly) at 7:00 am and end at the BTL Park on the coast in Belize City. March 10th In San Pedro you can enjoy Cocktails & Conservation at Mahogany Bay. This event starts at 7:00 pm. Enjoy a cocktail social with members of the Reef Week Committee. You have the opportunity to learn more on being reef-friendly and help protect one of our greatest treasures. Proceeds will go to support the Reef Week Initiative. Tickets: $80 per person / $150 per couple and can be purchased at the following locations: 

  • Mahogany Bay Village, San Pedro; 226-4817
  • McNab Designs, Belize City; 223-1025
  • Wildlife Conservation Society, Belize City; 605-6090

March 12th – Barrier Reef Swim This event is happening at Goff’s Caye – click through for more information. There is a boat from Belize City at 7:00 am on Monday, March 12th. Spots are limited so reserve ASAP.

March 11th the Fourth Annual Raft Race Regatta/ Baron Bliss Day

Feeling adventurous, creative and looking for some recycled fun in the sun? If so head on over to the Raft Race Regatta hosted by the Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill in Caye Caulker. This great event includes building your our raft out of recycled materials. Teams consisting of 4 members will then race against other teams. Each race is timed so the fastest overall speed is how the winners are determined.

March 12th (in lieu of Friday, March 9th) – Baron Bliss Day is also known as National Heroes and Benefactors Day

Countrywide celebrations will take place in honor of the country’s biggest financial benefactor. Henry Edward Ernest Victor de Barreto was born in the Buckinghamshire County of England on February 16, 1869. Upon his inherited Baronage from the Kingdom of Portugal, he changed his surname to Bliss. Having not set foot on it’s land Baron Bliss willed nearly $2 million BZD to the country that was then called British Honduras. The day is celebrated as a public and bank holiday, and a harbor regatta is held in Belize City with sailboats of all sizes in the waters near the Baron Bliss Lighthouse (and tomb) in remembrance of a man who loved the sea. Watch Facebook for more events closer to the date.

March 17th – Monthly Farmers Market at The Truck Stop

This one is worth attending and don’t forget to pack your swimsuit. You will find lots of delicious fresh made treats from local vendors. They usually have a live music too. Check back or watch The Truck Stop Facebook Page for event info; or directly at the Farmers Market Facebook page.

March 17th – 6th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Bash

Crazy Canucks 1:00 – 8:00 pm. Go Green and join the Crazy Canucks crew in celebrating the popular Irish drinking day with homemade corned beef and cabbage. There will be DJ music, dancing, giveaways, green beer and of course Irish car bombs.

March 17th -18th Chiquibul Challenge Marathon – CCM 2018

Originally scheduled for February 17th, the race was postponed due to mainland flooding and muddy road conditions. Run or walk a half marathon (21km), or go for the full distance (42km) in one of the most beautiful and pristine places on Earth. Learn more about the challenges for Chiquibul and contribute to its conservation.

March 18th – Marco Gonzalez Maya Site 2018 Spring Equinox Celebration

Head South to Marco Gonzalez Ruins for a unique cultural experience. The Yo Creek Maya Dance team will perform a ceremonial dance and a Maya Priest will give a blessing for the start of Spring. The Belize Chocolate Factory will give a demonstration as well. Food and Beverages will be available for purchase. After the festivities, you can go on for a tour around the reserve site. This tour is a fun educational one as you get to play archeologist and are respectfully allowed to pick up anything you find, as long as you put it back down.

March 24 – 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby – Caye Caulker

Hosted by Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill Over $1200 in Lion Fish Derby prizes to be won, even for the smallest lionfish. Register at Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill by March 22. The invasive lionfish is a known predator that is upsetting the balance of our marine eco-system and dangerous to the health of the coral reefs. Aside from becoming a popular delicacy, lionfish have also made their way into fashion, becoming a popular local jewelry item. By eating lionfish or wearing jewelry made from it’s spines, it can help save our Caribbean reefs.

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