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Weather Lore

Yesterday was cold gray and wet. Not the best weather to be thinking about a sunset cruise or a wedding [happening at Grand Caribe] I started putting my thoughts out there to have a nice day for the wedding party and our boat crew and it seems to have worked so far. I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise and the feeling that my prayers for a nice day were answered.

Spoke too soon was on my way out the door for a walk, had just closed the gate and it started raining. I kept going and got as far as Banyan Bay before it got pretty heavy and I had to wait it out under a tree. Soon as the rain lightened a bit I headed to Marina’s and waited for the shower to end.

We have blue skies and big white fluffy clouds – perfect for a catamaran sunset cruise. Hopefully the rain did not affect the wedding too badly. I would text Cowboy Doug for a rain report but I am sure he is busy with the wedding party.

While writing this post I decided to look up some weather lore. What’s your opinion? Is the old saying ‘Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning’ true?

The answer is yes, back in the day one had to make their own weather predictions. Farmers, shepherds and sailors whose livelihoods were weather dependent had to work out ways of predicting weather.

I will leave you with an  interesting article Weather lore: What’s the science? from BBC news explaining the meteorological logic behind six traditional weather rhymes. Details on our boat adventure coming.

I have said it before and I do not mind saying it again – sunset cruise is a must for your San Pedro bucket list. Lost count of  the number of cruises we have done on the on the Seaduction – sunrise, sunset and everything in between. I can honestly say all of them got 2 thumbs up.

Sylvan was out captain last night, he is always great and very welcoming to first timers and repeat sailors. We also got to meet Philip a new Seaduced crew member. He was making me laugh rocking out to Phil Collins, both their good moods were infections and just what I needed. Everyone at the front of the boat was having a good time relaxing in the beanbag chairs & 5 person hammock, chatting and making new friends. The sunset was spectacular, to the west we had a big orange sphere with a few random clouds and to the east we had what I think were cumulus clouds – very mountainous looking.

[Underwater camera review – Con:  I have still not managed to find the right setting on my Olympus Stylus Tough camera that will get the pictures to come up in the right order on my  wordpress photo gallery.]

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