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Whole Lotta Love

As I started writing this special post in advance, I could not help but think about the happiness in the sadness of the event that was about to happen.

A large group about 25 of us from near and far making the pilgrimage to honor the loss of a smart, funny, inspired, man – Colin Gage. That number is small compared to the amount of people who would be here to raise their glass if they could.

Our celebration of life; the well loved destination YOLO – party boat, private charters.

Fast Forward

There was definitely a ‘Whole Lotta Love’ on the boat that night. Everyone shared such amazing memories of a great man and how he had touched them in one way or another. We were all sad he is gone but happy to have known him – few tears and a whole lot of smiling.

You know you have lived a good life when 98% of the people on the sunset cruise have more than one great story to tell about you. Many had double digits.

A few of my personal favorites are are:

  • The lawn chair shrimp boil at Coral Bay Villas
  • Too many fun times to count at Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar
  • Same goes for breakfast at Estel’s

Here are a few things other people had to say about Colin Gage:

  • “Colin did, and I also believe life is the sum total of your quality relationships; and he had many. If you live your life and the first reaction to someone mentioning your name is a smile, followed by some adventure story, you’re doing it right. I first met Colin in Kansas City. We had been conversing on the AmbergrisCaye.com Belize message board for a couple years and I found him to be a very smart and funny guy. I was traveling on a father-son trip and Colin hosted us and showed us around his stomping grounds. It wasn’t until we saw each other in San Pedro that I learned why we got along so well. The man never knew a stranger.” – Bill Yarbrough
  • “I sit and look at all the faces that brought him laughter and joy. It’s clear to see why he loved this diverse group of friends. Like a jigsaw puzzle with so many colors, edges and pieces we came together in his life to form a beautiful picture. We are all connected in some way and we hang in a frame called memories. While we might not see the wall it hangs on, nor see the picture in its entirety we are all part of a life that was special to each of us in so many ways. “I have so many great memories of Colin that it’s hard to pick just one. I know that sounds cliche, but with him, it’s the truth. From being message board friends, to becoming my big brother who would encourage me, listen to me lament about living in a small town or kick my butt when needed, Colin was there. He believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. That was the type of person he was. He immersed himself in whatever he did.” – Lydia Langston

Island Dreams Tours

The 40 ft flat deck YOLO catamaran of Island Dream Tours was the perfect venue to support Laura on her first trip back since her husband’s death and celebrate his memory. Plenty of room for everyone, easy to navigate and a colorful tropical view.

YOLO has been operating for about 18 months from Ambergris Caye and is known for its’ Belize snorkeling tours and dinner cruises to the reef. They can comfortably seat 30 guests for dinner with ample room to dance and mingle on the spacious deck. Ranked number 7 of 73 Tours in San Pedro, see what vacationers and locals have to say about Yolo on Trip Advisor Belize.

As we motored down the coast of Ambergris Caye, our crew Daniel, Mikey, Seven and Jose kept us full of delicious snacks and made sure no one was thirsty. One of the things that sets YOLO apart is their custom drink menu; they were whipping up all kinds of fancy creations for the party.

Hopefully your special occasion will not be as bitter sweet as ours was. Their tag line is very fitting- Vacation like you never have before because… ” You Only Live Once.” Even if you live here consider the trip a vacation away from the business of life, we all need to relax more and take time to enjoy our surroundings. A flat bottomed catamaran cruise is the perfect way to do that.

Make the most of your experience but remember to pace yourself as those fresh fruit drinks can sneak up on you fast 😉 Plus it is not cool for the crew if you get sloppy or crazy. Ordering half shots every other drink or adding water helps every other round. When I used to drink, I would start the alcohol as the sun set. Drinking water for that first part always made for the perfect party balance and no hangover the next day – life is too short for those. Also, remember to pay it forward and drop some joy in the tip jar for the great experience you had.

I know there are many people who would have made the trip if they could have. Here are a few pics from 3 different cameras with assistance from Jane and Bruce West on my black Sony Cybershot. I had the hot pink one, and my nexus 6 p.

YOLO Belize
Boarding the YOLO
San Pedro Belize
Perfect weather for a memorial party boat ride
Ambergris Caye
Happy to report more smiles than tears
Belize Catamaran
Fair Maiden and Shiny Knight flew in to toast Colin and support Laura
Belize Catamaran
One of many moments of group support for Laura
San Pedro Belize
Always a gentleman, Don was a big hit with the girls
YOLO Belize
Memorial Sunset cruise was perfect
Ambergris Caye Belize
Huge fun celebrating Colin’s memory with friends from near and afar, old and new
Ambergris Caye Belize
Starting to set
Yolo Belize
Big glowing ball setting behind the island
Belize Food
Yummy ceviche, dip and fresh fruit
Yolo Belize
Special time for a boat ride – almost Supermoon
YOLO Belize
Sunset Cruise

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