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Happy Monday

I found out over my morning coffee I was just selected as featured blogger for July on Authority Blog Forum – yeah I know it is August already – looks like other people run on Belize time as well haha. Along with the honor of being picked I got a prize too – Yippee. An Authority Blogger course membership – how cool is that? Definitely qualifies as a happy Monday moment.

Saw a post by Swanno on the message board while surfing boards this morning. According to CNN article on ten top spots to snorkel Hol Chan made the cut. I do not think they know about Shark-Ray Alley or it would have surely been on there too.

I often hear people saying they would like a good map of San Pedro town. The other day at the pool a couple – Greg and Sue pulled out a crawl party t-shirt and said they had bought it because the development they bought in was on the map – even though it was not marked by name. tacoboy went ahead and revised the crawl map for me – yay! Now I have a good map option to share with all of you – see pics below.

I am just printing off my first one now as we are handling a new arrival later on so it will come in handy. Cindy is not here and had asked us if we could pick up her brother’s girlfriend’s daughter who may or may not speak English. So turning up with a map in hand and fluently french speaking Carole, we can’t go wrong.

I never did care to join brownies or girl scouts (no uniforms ty) but I do believe in being prepared and making things as easy as possible.

A map is the one thing I would never hesitate to – buy – print – take as a souvenir. I inherited my fondness for maps from my dad. I remember he had maps from all over and some like California were very well worn. I kept some of his maps after he left for that big party in the sky.

p.s. The g in tacogirl among other things gets cut off so this version will be a limited edition haha. The map is fixed and corrected versions are now up for your printing pleasure.

San Pedro map

map of san pedro belize

8 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Dale

    Your best bet is to seek out Placencia groups on Facebook to start connecting with people who live in the area.

    We have one for Ambergris Caye and it is a great resource.

  2. Dale Hutchinson says:

    Hello TacoGirl:
    I am going to visit Placencia in March of 2020, I know that is 8 months away however I don’t believe in waiting for the last minute. I am looking for someone to chat or Skype with in Placencia, so I can a feel for the area as well get some idea about how much it will cost for rent, and living expenses. I will be staying about a month on this visit. If all works out I will return to live in comfortable retirement.
    I am a grateful reader, and love to learn all that you have put out about the country.
    Dale Hutchinson

  3. Dave Newton says:

    Taking a much-needed vacation in San Pedro town this weekend, and I’ve run across your blog a couple of times. Just wanted to say thanks for the helpful information!

  4. tacogirl says:

    Gregg, you may get sprinkled on a bit but definitely expect longer sunny periods as well. Tomorrow’s post a weather one offering some good suggestions.

  5. Gregg says:

    Hi taco girl,flying into San Pedro tomorrow the 9th till 16th the weather says rain all week just wandering if that’s a good forecast,gregg

  6. tacogirl says:

    Hi Wakeguy

    I am sure you will have a great trip. You must be excited – hope the weather will be good for you too. Few of the places were stared because they were on the crawl party circuit and and Blog Fiesta itinerary.

  7. Wakeguy says:

    Hey Tacogirl,

    Just found your blog as we’re planning our first trip to San Pedro. We’ll be there for 5 nights in just two weeks. Looking forward to it! Hopefully the weather cooperates.

    Curious, what do the “stars” on your map signify?

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