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Everything in moderation

Not to long after JD called to say Madame was not feeling well and would not do class this morning it started pouring rain. I figured may as well take that as a cue from mother nature to keep on with what I was doing – rain lasted about 10 min.

Meeting up with Audrey yesterday went fine – she speaks English very well compared to our limited French.  She went off earlier exploring on Cindy’s bike – map in hand. We will meet at Pedro’s for dinner – Paul is already there and Lara swinging by to get Mitch Audry and I. That means we can bring Molly out – I am sure she will be glad to get out of the house and go for a cart ride .

I have been thinking about moderation lately. We all seem to have different areas that we are out of whack or overindulge in – repeating patterns that we know we are in the middle of but carry on anyways. I wonder why all to often we let ourselves slide to far one way instead of being able to maintain a healthy balance – so far I have not come up with a good answer. I am thinking about how I would like to cut back on white flour – dairy and sugar for a bit meanwhile I had an extra iced coffee this morning and am headed for pizza and some of Monels homemade chocolate chip cookies shortly.

I will leave you a couple of pics by Don Hoffman – been corresponding with his wife Liz after she left a comment on my blog looking for Sherri’s contact info.  Funny how life puts different people in each others paths and things unfold.

boy on bicycle

Boy on bicycle – Don Hoffman

front of fidos

Front of Fido’s – Don Hoffman


  1. Hi Remo

    Will keep a watch for it we live in that general area – hope they sell by the slice lol.

    Yup Canuck all the way – born in Quebec and lived most of my life in Ontario. Been to NS it is beautiful there. Sorry about your mom – bet your Dad was glad to have you back.

    I was so itching to go away from winter for the longest time. I was never into skiing like the rest of my family and preferred when we got to do beach trips.

    I agree life sure is funny.

    Later Remo

  2. Hey there,

    I forgot the name but I can find out. Its suppose to be close to Banyan Bay Hotel from what I understand.

    So you are from Canada eh? haha!

    I studied and worked in Halifax, Nova Scotia for 8 years. I decided to come back home and help my dad in the family business after my mother passed away in the summer of 2005. I am a graduate of Dalhousie University:)

    You moved to paradise from Canada and I am itching to go back to Canada…….funny how life is? haha!

    later tacogirl

  3. Hi Remo – not heard anything on new pizza shop yet you know the name? Pepperoni’s is good pizza – I do prefer thin crust though especially with garlic shrimp and green pepper.

  4. Where are you from originally tacogirl?

    I heard there was a new pizza shop that opened on the Island? Have you tried it yet?

    Anyway, I still think pepperoni’s has the best pizza in San Pedro:)

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