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Living in Belize

Lot’s going on today


My September birthday celebrations are ongoing… yesterday I got a fry pan from pugwash and Mrs Pug today I got 4 h cleaning service from Maya and Colette. (just added pug’s pic to yesterdays post)

Check out Michele’s first Squidoo lens Life’s a Beach. Now that I have seen what a great job Miclele did I am going back to my lens and filling in a few more blanks.

More to come…

11:30am Rick is here, Drummer Dan just stopped in for a visit. Mark is re-screening our veranda door.

3:47 pm getting ready for tonight so far it will be Paul, Rick, Joy, Mark, Stacy, Connie and my self for the philanthropists meeting – likely a few more will show up as well. Off to finish getting things ready.

Posting a few pics now to tide you over will likely post more later as I do edits.

Drummer Dan and Rick

Mark fixing screen door that Molly burst through

Miss Joy and mark

Preparing bonfire

Light it up


Dancing fire


Embers like molten Lava

Glowing embers

Fire winding down

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  1. Michele in Playa September 19, 2008

    Cindy…you know, the child is only as good as the parents 😉

    Hey Laurie – I did a second lens! http://www.squidoo.com/dreamingbelize

    I have you on there, front and center ‘natch! Oh…and I still curse you 😉

  2. Cindy the Conquerer September 18, 2008

    Bad Molly, bad Molly….I was mortified. She’s standing here wagging her tail still totally oblivious that you shouldn’t run through screen doors.


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