San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Morning routine

I was up at 5:40 am today – decided today was a day to tie up loose ends – things like answer blog comments that I have not replied to yet. If I previously missed replying to a comment you posted there should be one there now.

Not long after I started, I heard Joy and Mark downstairs so I went to go hang out with them for a bit. Joy made Mark and I breakfast then I decided to read my book in the hammock on the downstairs veranda. Paul was just waking up and making our morning coffee – I decided to hold off on mine drink water and read a bit more.

Coffee time hit when it started to rain – Rick just made it here on time without getting soaked. Back to doing a few more comments – ok more than a few I hit 80 and glad to cross that one off my list.

Congratulations go out to Quicksilver Dianne she made it into the finals of the karaoke contest ( I just found that out yesterday) thanks to all of you who voted for our girl. Congrats to Leroi as well, I heard he is in the finals too. Miss Dianne said there are many wonderful local singers in the competition and she was the only gringo to make it to the finals.

Will leave you with pictures of the ongoing progress on Pedro’s pool up to this afternoon.

protech peter and wade the gringo

New deck

Deck building process

Fence is up

View from Pedro’s Balcony

View from upstairs hostel rooms balcony

Working hard

Close to done

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