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September Celebrations

It is September 14th and I am still enjoying my personal version of September Celebrations.

Today I am celebrating the fact that we are in mid September and I am not feeling any internal upset over winter approaching and the weather getting colder. I could not think of a better way to celebrate than a beach day so we will head off to Catamaran in a bit to enjoy some fun in the sun – going to pack my floaty ring my book and a few games to play with.

Also celebrating the last day of my cleanse. I decided over the last few days I am not going to go crazy and eat everything I was craving and opt for moderation instead – will see how well that works.

Breakfast – sunflower seeds
Lunch – pork ribs bbq – cheated and ate beans (they were sweetened) and potato salad skipped the tortilla though
Dinner – ham and eggs

Cindy taking a hot tub

Molly looking for coconut

Chatting on the beach

Paul playing with Lisbon and Molly

Video Paul Molly and quicksilver Dianne

Paul and Molly

Where’s that coconut

Got it

Beth is here to stay

3 thoughts on “September Celebrations

  1. Mistimoop says:

    We’re staying at CV 10/4-11th. Hoping they have a Beach BBQ that Sunday so we can eat, drink and be merry our first full day there. Misti

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