San Pedro Belize beach pictures

How cool is that?

I just found out that Sj & Bruce are on the same flight as my mom from Miami to Belize in November and it looks like DCG will be on same Tropic Air flight with all of them. Got to love it when the universe lines it all up perfectly.

Just having my second iced coffee with soy milk before going to the pool. Mark should be back anytime, have not heard from Mary yet.

Big news – as of this morning I am starting to notice my 6 pack now as a result of aquafit classes. What a breakthrough – while I was not officially sporting a keg, I have not seen those defining lines in years ha ha.

2:06 after swimming we came home and at breakfast then took a break on the veranda. It was not long before I got the urge to start stretching so naturally some tai chi followed. We practiced remembering what we saw on the video last night and then went in and watched it doing the warm up and first few moves. We chose to couch surf to watch the rest so we did not overwhelm ourselves. Off for a walk now Paul should be back from town soon and we will need to sort out dinner.

Man oh man Paul came back shortly after we did and rattled off a list of things a mile long that are coming up or need to be done – I did not have my pen and paper at the time so will need to hopefully catch a recap.

Capt Jeff just called as I was seeing Rick and Mark off to go get chicken to go with the fish for tonight’s dinner. Looks like we will meet up later to go to the Belikin Beer Bash. Also trying to hook up with nug_luvr.

Thinking out loud…
Anyone have any extra cell phones kicking around?

Plant life by the pool at San Pedro Fitness Club

2 thoughts on “How cool is that?

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks so much LeahAnn you rock. Major tech issues with taco phone lol we can hear people but they cannot hear us and Mark is also in need of a phone.

  2. LeahAnn says:

    TG – am bringing you three cell phones & chargers in November. A couple have some extra accessories as well. Also a couple of older cameras I have lurking about. 😉


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