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Living in Belize

Long Legged Beauty


My name is Puli and I am looking for a Human Companion. I like Long walks and being around people which is how I ended up at Pedro’s.They are nice to me but I know that’s Charlie’s home and I am dreaming of one of my own. Thankfully Pedro is dating the vet so I am going to get de-ticked and de-fleaed. I will be all nice and clean when my new owners meet me and fall in love. You can find me at Pedro’s – please hurry.

Adopt a pet Belize


Adopt a pet Belize


Adopt a Pet

Looking for love – likes to go for long walks and chill with her owner

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  1. Villas in Bali May 20, 2010

    seem a nice dog..but too skinny..i love big dogs..

  2. tacogirl July 20, 2009

    Better she is at peace over in pain.

  3. cindy July 20, 2009

    I’m afraid Laurie had to put Pooly to sleep this morning – the disease she had attacked her nervous system and she was in pain, so even though it was not ease, it was the best thing for her.

  4. Travel Reviews July 13, 2009

    Pauli is beautiful. Hopefully she finds a nice home.


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